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Interrogation Log of al-Qahtani (Week 3)

07 December 2002

0001: First shift began. Detainee made to stand for the National Anthem. Interrogators began harsh pride & ego down by poking holes in the new cover story and outlining the rules he must live by now.

0100: Detainee taken to porch where he can see foraging banana rats and told that he chose this life with the rats. He is reminded of the good things in life that he chose to leave behind.

0120: Issues arise between MPs and dog handler. CAPT W talks with all parties and resolves issues.

0320: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked for 10 minutes. Corpsman checks vitals – O.K.

0345: Detainee offered food and water – refused. Detainee asked for music to be turned off. Detainee was asked if he can find the verse in the Koran the prohibits music.

0350: Corpsman checks vitals – detainee refuses Motrin and water. Corpsman asked detainee if he has dizziness or a headache – detainee says yes. Corpsman explains it is from lack of water. Vitals show dehydration is beginning. Corpsman calls doctor.

0415: Detainee admits story he told interrogators was false. Stated he told the story because he was under pressure. Detainee was told he chose to be here, and was given the list of decisions he made that brought him here and was told he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Detainee was given an IV by corpsman. Detainee was told that we would not allow him to die.

0515: Detainee offered food and eats peanut butter and crackers. Began “God’s will” approach. Detainee told Al Qaida chose him because he was expendable. Interrogators asked detainee how he could stay in Afghanistan and not see any Taliban personnel. Detainee stated that Taliban people spoke good Arabic. Interrogators revisited falcon story.

0600: Interrogators revisited the new cover story and poked holes in it.

0700: Detainee taken to bathroom and put to bed.


1100: Detainee awakened, taken to bathroom and walked for 10 minutes. Schedule is given to MPs to offer water every hour, take detainee to bathroom and walk every one and a half hours, offer food once per shift, and keep music playing to prevent detainee from sleeping during stand-down. MPs are instructed not to converse with detainee except to issue commands. MPs are given log book to log all scheduled activities.

2000: Corpsman checks vitals and finds the detainee’s pulse is unusually slow. Doctor arrives and decides to perform an EKG – leaves to get EKG machine.

2050: Doctor returns and performs EKG. Heartbeat is regular but very slow – 35 bpm. Doctor consults with another doctor.

2130: Decision is made to take detainee to GTMO hospital to perform a CT scan of the detainee’s brain to see if there are any irregularities.

2215: Depart to hospital.

2230: Arrive at hospital and begin CT scan.

2330: Doctors review scan and do not find any conclusive evidence of any conditions, but request the detainee be kept overnight until a radiologist can be flown in to ensure there are no anomalies. Detainee is placed in isolation ward and hooked up to monitor heart rhythm.

08 December 2002

Detainee’s electrolytes are checked and corrected. Potassium was slightly below normal due to not eating. Detainee’s left leg was swollen and an ultrasound was performed to check for blood clots. No blood clots were detected and the detainee’s swelling went down naturally. A radiologist was flown in from Roosevelt Roads and checked the detainee’s CT scan - no anomalies were found. No unusual heart rhythms were recorded by the monitor during the detainee’s stay and his heart rate returned to normal naturally. The detainee slept most of the day between meals.

09 December 2002

0800: Detainee’s checks are all good. Plans are underway for release in the afternoon.

1800: Detainee is hooded, shackled and restrained in a litter for transport to Camp XRay. ENS C rides in the ambulance with the detainee and informs him that he has a choice to make; tell the whole truth and return to his brothers in Cuba or remain silent and return to X-Ray.

1830: Detainee arrives at Camp X-Ray and is returned to interrogation booth. ENS C enters booth with detainee and gives a last chance to tell the whole truth. Detainee is uncooperative and ENS C leaves. CAPT W enters booth and informs the detainee that he had been medically cleared and only he could make it stop, otherwise it would get worse.

1900: Detainee was exercised for good health. He was also offered food and water. He refused the food and water.

2000: Detainee was walked around for improving his circulation and exercise purposes. He was offered food and water but he refused. He was taken to the latrine but he refused to use it.

2030: The detainee’s vitals were checked by the medical representative. She stated that they were normal. The interrogation continued.

2100: Detainee was taken to the latrine. He did not refuse to use it because he stated that he had to do number two. He refused water and food.

2145: Detainee replied to question that was posed by SGT M. Detainee had been shown several pictures of little old women that died in the 9/11 terrorist attack. SGT M asked the detainee what could these little old women do? Were they going to drop a bomb or fly a plane into the holy city of Mecca? The detainee shook his head and replied “no”. Later, SGT M asked, do you think the people that are jumping from the burning building are going to go to heaven or hell. The detainee replied with I don’t know.

2240: Detainee was exercised for improved circulation, reduction of swelling in feet and overall good health. Detainee refused water and food.

2340: Detainee was repulsed by the female invasion of his personal space. He made several attempts to stand up in order to prevent her from entering his personal space. He attempted to appeal to SGT M but that was not effective. SGT M continued with fear up harsh until the detainee would give new information but the detainee continued to give old information so, he was silenced (by the interrogation team). Detainee refused water. He was sent to the latrine.

10 December 2002

0000: Interrogation team entered the booth and played the national anthem. Detainee was made to stand and put his hand over his heart. Lead explained rules to detainee. Ran pride and ego down approach. Played loud music to keep detainee awake.

0230: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked. Corpsman checked vitals – O.K.

0300: Detainee offered food and water – eats crackers, peanut butter, and drinks water with koolaid.

0330: Detainee asked about relationships with women and what his mother would think of him. Detainee said the Saudi government knew he was innocent. Interrogators replied that the Saudi government knows he is guilty and that is why he is here.

0400: Lead established control over detainee by instructing him not to speak and enforcing by playing loud music and yelling. Detainee tried to regain control several times by starting to talk about his cover story. Detainee was not listened to.

0530: Detainee was taken to bathroom and walked for 20 minutes.

0600: Futility approach was run. Rules have change theme was run. It can get a lot worse theme was run. Detainee attempted to talk but was silenced by interrogator through yelling and loud music. Detainee cursed interrogator and pleaded his innocence. Circumstantial evidence theme was run. Interrogator turned on the music and left the booth for the last 20 minutes of the shift, detainee screamed for the interrogator to come back as he departed the booth.

0700: Detainee was put to bed.

1030: Detainee woke up on his own and requested to go to the bathroom. He was taken to the bathroom and walked for 10 minutes.

1100: 2nd shift began by waking the detainee to music. Interrogators told detainee how happy they were that he was back. Detainee was mostly unresponsive. Reinforced the notion that the detainee would be here a long time.

1215: Detainee was taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Food and water were offered and the detainee ate one MRE and drank a bottle of water. Interrogators engaged the detainee in conversation about marriage and dating. Detainee said that he had a chance to marry but refused. He said that he would like to marry someday. The detainee then stated that he was having emotional problems and needed to see a doctor for this. Detainee stated the Jinns had control of his emotions and only a trained doctor could help him. He stated that he would tell everything to a doctor in the same way that he had previously stated that he would tell all if he was taken back to Cuba. Detainee was told he would have to describe what was wrong before a doctor could be brought in. Detainee became unresponsive upon hearing this.

1400: Detainee was taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Detainee offered water – refused. Interrogators covered the resistance techniques he had used and asked him to perform the “crazy Mohammed” facial expressions again. Detainee began to cry. Interrogators recounted the “emotional Mohammed” from earlier in the session and the detainee became stoic again.

1600: Detainee was taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1615: Offered water to detainee – refused. Loud music was played and the interrogators began yelling at the detainee. Pride and ego down approach was run. Al Qaida falling apart theme was used.

1715: Offered water to detainee – refused.

1800: Detainee taken to bathroom and exercised 10 minutes.

1830: Detainee became very annoyed with the female invading his personal space. He spit on her several times. He tried to push her away using his head. He attempted to move her chair by using his feet to push her chair away from him. Detainee was offered water but he refused to drink it.

1930: Detainee was offered water but he refused it. He was taken to the latrine. Medical Representative weighed detainee and logged detainee’s weight at 119 pounds. He was 123 pounds with the three piece suit.

2000: Detainee ate two cheese filled pretzels and when he was given his meal he accepted it and began to eat. He devoured all of his MRE.

2030: Detainee was exercised for good circulation and overall good health. He was also taken to the latrine. He was offered water but he refused.

2140: Detainee was offered water; he refused to take the water. He was taken to the latrine; he did not use it. He stood at the door and waited until we allowed him to return to the interrogation booth.

2230: Detainee was taken to bathroom. Detainee urinated on himself as he was being taken to the latrine. Detainee was allowed to clean himself while in the bathroom. He was offered water and refused.

2307: Detainee was exercised.

2339: Medical representative took detainee’s pulse rate and vital signs. She said they were all normal. Detainee was taken to the latrine. He refused water.

11 December 2002

0001: Detainee stood and faced the flag for the national anthem. He showed less resistance towards facing the flag than on previous days. Both interrogators began the “pride and ego down approach”. This approach was utilized throughout the session. The lead (SGT R) gave detainee the rules for the session. 1) no talking 2) don’t ask for anything 3) face forward 4) no sleeping.

0050: Detainee refused water

0100: Detainee began to cry during pride and ego down. Detainee was reminded that no one loved, cared or remembered him. He was reminded that he was less than human and that animals had more freedom and love than he does. He was taken outside to see a family of banana rats. The banana rats were moving around freely, playing, eating, showing concern for one another. Detainee was compared to the family of banana rats and reinforced that they had more love, freedom, and concern than he had. Detainee began to cry during this comparison.

0202: Detainee refused water. Detainee was walked for 10 minutes. Control (SSG M) continued “p&e” down approach. Detainee was unresponsive. He appeared to struggle controlling his anger.

0310: Detainee refused water. Walked for 10 minutes. Used bathroom. Vitals checked by medic and within normal limits.

0320: Detainee was agitated at music being played in his presence and attempted to voice his opinion. He was ignored and moved excessively during this time while seated in the chair with his hands clenched in a fist.

0418: Detainee was offered water; he refused the water. Detainee was offered food; He refused the food. Detainee was exercised by walking him around to prevent swelling in his feet. Bandages on legs were replaced with sterile bandages to prevent chafing.

0503: Detainee refused water. Control continued the “pride and ego down approach” using the circumstantial evidence as a theme

0600: Detainee refused water. Detainee was exercised to prevent swelling of his feet. Control and lead continued P&E down approach.

0700: Detainee vitals taken and are within normal limits. Detainee was sent to bathroom. Upon return, he began his four hours of rest.

1100: Detainee was awakened, taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1115: Interrogation team enter the booth and started talking about how glad they were that he was back and that they would have a BBQ in his honor. When the detainee stated that he would not want any of that food, the interrogators told him that the BBQ wasn’t for him, it was for everyone else. Interrogators talked about detainee’s loss of freedom. Interrogators held an exorcism to purge the evil Jinns that he claimed were controlling his emotions. Detainee was more responsive after the exorcism.

1200: Detainee was taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Detainee was offered food and water.

1230: Detainee ate one MRE and drank a bottle of water. Interrogators instructed detainee how to mix up the tea and coffee in the MRE. Detainee was drinking the coffee and started ignoring the interrogators, so the interrogators took away the detainee’s coffee. The detainee asked for the coffee back several times in the next hour. The lead held the coffee in front of the detainee and when the detainee reached for the coffee, the interrogator poured the coffee on the floor. The detainee seemed to be mad at the interrogators for the remainder of the shift.

1400: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked for 10 minutes.

1530: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked for 10 minutes. The futility approach was run. The detainee was allowed to speak to the linguist for five minutes. The detainee tried to develop rapport with the linguist and the interrogators reentered the booth and ran the futility approach by telling the detainee the linguist was on their side. Control began talking in a low sympathetic tone of voice and spoke to him about his past, present, and possible future. Detainee began to cry. Detainee asked to sleep in a different room and only be interrogated in the present room. Control asked why the detainee would make such a request and detainee replied that control was human. The BSCT observed that the detainee was only trying to run an approach on the control and gain sympathy.

1700: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked for 10 minutes. The interrogators started the BBQ outside the interrogation booth and ate in the booth so the detainee could see them.

1800: Detainee refused water and food. He stared at the ground and wall while humming to himself. The futility approach was run for the entire shift.

1900: Detainee was taken to the latrine. Detainee refused water and food.

1930: An attempt was made to exercise detainee but detainee refused to walk on his own. He attempted to pray as the guards carried the detainee back to the interrogation booth. Detainee complained of feeling dizzy as he held his head in his hands. The medical representative took detainee’s vital signs. They were normal. The medical representative told the detainee that he had to drink water or else he will continue to feel dizzy. The detainee was also told that the next step would be to give him an IV. Detainee still refused to drink water.

1955: Detainee still refuses to drink water or eat some food. Still complaining of being dizzy.

2000: Latrine break for the detainee. No new information was given by the detainee. Detainee was told not to talk because he is not giving any new information.

2100: Detainee refused water. Latrine break for the detainee was given.

2120: Medic took vitals and weight. All normal except it may be necessary to give the detainee several IVs because his vitals although normal at the moment continues to fall. Medic had warned the detainee that if he doesn’t drink water that he will be given several IVs in order to replace the fluids that he has lost.

2200: Latrine break for the detainee. Still refusing to drink water.

2245: Detainee still refusing to drink water. Medical representative took the detainee’s vital signs. They were not good so the detainee was being prepared to receive the needed IVs.

2312: Medical representative had begun to administer the first of three IVs. No new information was given by the detainee.

12 December 2002

0001: Detainee was subjected to white noise (music) waiting for his IV’s to be completed.

0110: Detainee had his 3rd IV removed. He was exercised to improve the circulation to his legs. Detainee used restroom. Detainee had vitals checked, which were within normal limits. Detainee refused water.

0140: Detainee shown video of Taliban Bodies and Die Terrorist Die.

0150: Interrogators gave detainee rules for the evening. 1) No talking. 2) Face forward. 3) Don’t ask for anything. Detainee almost immediately began to speak. The interrogators screamed at detainee until he stopped. Detainee was reminded of his worthlessness as a human being. He was reminded of the fact that his standard of living is less than a Banana rat. While running the Pride and Ego (P/E) down approach, SSG M showed the bottom of his boot to detainee. Detainee had one of the longest emotional outbursts seen yet. He went into a fit of rage yelling insults in English and Arabic to interrogators. He began to move his arms and legs in his chair as if to want to break away from the shackles and attack. He then began to make statements about his story. He was cut off and told to think about what he wanted to say. He was left in the booth for approximately 10 minutes to think about the statements he wanted to make.

0230: Interrogators returned to the booth and reminded detainee of what he was supposed to think about in order to go back to his brothers in Cuba. He began to talk and again introduced going to America, “the land of opportunity,” (Orlando Florida) to conduct a car business. Detainee was cut off and told that we did not want to hear this story anymore. P/E down continued.

0300: Detainee was exercised for 10 minutes, used Bathroom and refused water.

0350: Detainee was unable to stay awake. Tried to stand him up to keep him awake but was unable to stay awake. Detainee was allowed to sleep for 1 hour 10 minutes.

0500: Detainee was woken up exercised for 10 minutes, taken to use bathroom and declined water and food.

0515: P/E Down continued. Detainee was asked if he could remember when he last he felt love? When he last laughed? Last felt Happy? When he last felt like he was worth something? Interrogators compared lifestyle difference between Camp Delta and Camp X-ray. Camp Delta – Could live in a cell and communicate with others; could read if he wants to, practice his religion if he wants to; could laugh with others, could write and receive letters, could sleep when he wants to; drink when he wants to; move around freely in his cell when he wants to; use the bathroom when he wants to and at least feel like a human being with normal emotions. Camp X-ray- live in a wooden box with no communications and constantly reminded of his low level of self worth; unable to laugh and only be laughed at; unable to write or receive letters; unable to read; unable to choose when he sleeps, drinks or go to the bathroom; unable to move around freely; unable to practice his religion when he wants to; unable to feel like a human being; the only feeling he knows at camp x-ray is the hate he brought with him. Interrogator told Detainee to think about what he could have at the camp with his brothers. Detainee listened to Arabic music for 15 minutes before start of rest period.

0700: Detainee begins 4 hour rest period.

1100: Detainee was awakened, taken to the bathroom, and walked 10 minutes. Coffee was offered and initially refused. Detainee later accepted coffee and drank one sip. He said he did not want any but took a sip to not be disrespectful. Covered rules have changed theme. Discussed prison life in America. Showed bits of the movie “The Green Mile”. Detainee became unresponsive and the interrogators interjected that perhaps they needed to perform an exorcism. Detainee became more responsive.

1215: Detainee was taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Detainee became relatively unresponsive again. Interrogators discussed how they had been relatively nice to him.

1230: Detainee was offered food and ate one MRE and drank about 3 oz water. Interrogators decided to escalate detainee’s emotions and began ridiculing him. Detainee became very angry and started to cry. Interrogators instructed the detainee not to cry.

1400: Detainee was taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Detainee was offered water – refused. Interrogators started playing music and asked the detainee if music offended him. He said it did and the interrogators told him if he could show them where the Koran said it was a sin to listen to music, they would turn if off. Detainee said he did not know where it was. Linguist said the Koran said nothing about listening to music. Detainee said it was in the Hadith, but could now specify where it was. Began Al Qaida falling apart and Taliban themes. Detainee was asked why Al Qaida and the Taliban had the resources to help starving women and children but had done nothing, violating one of the pillars of islam.

1600: Detainee was taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Detainee was offered water – refused.

1615: Corpsman checked vitals – O.K. Bandages around ankles were replaced to prevent chafing. Detainee was offered water – refused. Interrogators told detainee that he was not respected because he did not answer questions. Interrogators asked if the detainee would not or could not answer and told him that they would respect him as long as his answer was truthful.

1700: Detainee was taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1800: Detainee was awakened from a short nap by the interrogation team. Refused water and food. Latrine break for the detainee.

1830: SGT L started “invasion of personal space” approach. Detainee attempted to free himself from restrains. Detainee requested of SGT M to have SGT L removed from the interrogation booth.

1930: Latrine break for the detainee and exercised for circulation purposes. Medical representative weighed detainee. He weighed in at 119 pounds. He was offered food and water but he refused.

2000: The doctor arrived and spoke with the detainee concerning any pains. Detainee complained about having pains in his kidneys and the doctor explained that the reason he was experiencing these pains was due to the fact that he has not been drinking water. The doctor suggested to the detainee that he drink water but the detainee refused. The detainee was warned that he would eventually have to be given an enema if he continues to refuse water. Detainee did not appear to care about the doctor’s advice.

2041: Latrine break for the detainee. Would not answer in complete sentences only in short phrases. He mentioned the name A as his contact once in Orlando but this was not new information, the detainee has given this name on another occasion. Up to this point the theme Circumstantial Evidence was being employed. The medical representative cleaned and re-wrapped left arm because the IV was still in place. Detainee refused water.

2140: Detainee refused water. Detainee says he is having pains in his kidneys. He continues to stare at the wall and floor without any reply.

2210: Al Qaeda Falling apart theme was employed and continued throughout the night. Latrine break and exercised. Detainee refused water.

2319: Detainee was shown all of the pictures from the Al Qaeda Falling binder and he stated that he did not know any of the men in this binder.

13 December 2002

0001: Upon entering the booth, lead played the call to prayer with a special alarm clock. Detainee was told, “this is no longer the call to prayer. You’re not allowed to pray. This is the call to interrogation. So pay attention.” Both lead and control participated in a “pride and ego down” approach. Control told detainee, “UBL has made a whore of Islam. Since you follow UBL, you also rape Islam.” Control put a sign on detainee that had the Arabic word for coward written on it. Explained how the words liar, stupid, weak, and failure apply to detainee. Detainee showed very little emotion during the initial portion of the session, except for the occasional smug smile that was met with immediate taunts and ridicule from the interrogators.

0120: Lead ordered detainee to go to bathroom and walk for twenty minutes. Refused Water. Corpsman checked his vital signs and stated he was fine. Both interrogators continued with the “futility” and “pride and ego down” approaches. On occasion when the detainee began to drift off into sleep, lead dripped a couple of drops of water on detainees head to keep him awake. Detainee jerked violently in his chair each time.

0240: After a bathroom and walking break and detainees refusal of water, the interrogators continued the aforementioned approaches. Detainee showed little response during this session. Detainee became increasingly tired and incoherent.

0320: Detainee received walking and bathroom break. Refused water. He then slept for one hour, followed by one hour in his chair listening to white noise.

0530: Control showed detainee the banana rats and stated that they live better than he does. Lead asked detainee, “what do you think is going to happen to you? what would a judge do if he saw all the information that links you to Al-Qaida?” detainee stated, “I’m not associated with Al-Qaida.” After that statement, control read all circumstantial evidence collected against detainee. Detainee attempted to hide his emotions, but was clearly frightened when asked if the judge had enough evidence to convict him.

0700: Detainee walked, refused water, and allowed to begin four hour rest period.

1100: Detainee awakened and offered coffee – refused.

1115: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes. Offered water – refused. Interrogators began telling detainee how ungrateful and grumpy he was. In order to escalate the detainee’s emotions, a mask was made from an MRE box with a smiley face on it and placed on the detainee’s head for a few moments. A latex glove was inflated and labeled the “sissy slap” glove. This glove was touched to the detainee’s face periodically after explaining the terminology to him. The mask was placed back on the detainee’s head. While wearing the mask, the team began dance instruction with the detainee. The detainee became agitated and began shouting. The mask was removed and detainee was allowed to sit. Detainee shouted and addressed lead as “the oldest Christian here” and wanted to know why lead allowed the detainee to be treated this way.

1300: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1320: Detainee offered food and water – refused. Detainee was unresponsive for remainder of session. Afghanistan / Taliban themes run for remainder of session.

1430: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1500: Detainee offered water – refused.

1510: Corpsman changed bandages on ankles, checked vitals – O.K.

1530: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1600: Corpsman checks vitals and starts IV. Detainee given three bags of IV.

1745: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1800: Detainee was unresponsive.

1833: Detainee was allowed to sleep.

1925: The detainee was awakened by interrogation team. He was offered food and water but he refused.

1945: The interrogation team and detainee watched the video “Operation Enduring Freedom”.

2120: Detainee was sent to the latrine. Offered water but he refused.

2200: Detainee exercised for good health and circulation. Medical representative took detainee’s vital signs and removed the IV housing unit from the detainee’s arm. The detainee’s pulse rate was low (38) and his blood pressure was high (144/90). Detainee complained of having a boil on his left leg, just below his knee. The medical representative looked at the his leg and phoned the doctor. The doctor instructed the corpsman to recheck the detainee’s vitals in one hour.

2300: Detainee refused water and food. He was taken to the latrine and exercised in order to assist in improving the detainee’s vital signs.

2345: The medical representative rechecked the detainee’s vital signs. The detainee’s blood pressure had improved but it was still high (138/80) and his pulse rate had improved but it remained low (42). The corpsman called the doctor to provide an update and the doctor said operations could continue since there had been no significant change. It was noted that historically the detainee’s pulse sometimes drops into the 40’s in the evenings.

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