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Interrogation Log of al-Qahtani (Week 1)


23 November 2002

0225: The detainee arrives at the interrogation booth at Camp X-Ray. His hood is removed and he is bolted to the floor. SGT A and SGT R are the interrogators. A DoD linguist and MAJ L (BSCT) are present.

0235: Session begins. The detainee refuses to look at SGT A “due to his religion. This is a rapport building session.

0240: Detainee states he’s on hunger strike. SGT A explains the affects of a hunger strike on the body. SGT A runs “love of brothers in Cuba” approach.

0320: The detainee refused to answer whether he wanted water. SGT R explained with emphasis that not answering disrespects SGT A and embarrasses him. The detainee said no, he didn’t want water. The detainee continues to say he’s on hunger strike.

0345: The detainee dozed off during a break. SGT R woke him up.

0355: SGT R wakes up detainee again.

0450: Interrogators take a break. Detainee goes to the bathroom.

0520: Interrogation resumes. The detainee refuses food and water.

0540: SGT A begins 9/11 theme. The detainee asks to pray and is refused.

0550: Detainee drinks _ bottle of water and states after this he is on strike, he refuses food.

0620: Interrogators take break to discuss theme.

0630: Interrogation resumes. SGT A continues with 9/11 theme.

0700: SGT R emphasized his frustration over detainees refusal to speak. SGT R denies detainees request to pray.

0707: Detainee requests to go to the bathroom.

0720: Detainee returns from bathroom break. He refuses a meal and states he is on hunger strike.

0725: Detainee states he will eat meal, but after that he’s going on hunger strike, one hand is uncuffed to allow him to eat.

0755: Detainee finishes meal and states again he is going on hunger strike. The detainee ate the entire MRE plus an extra cereal bar.

0800: SGT A continues with 9/11 theme.

0830: Detainee given 2 hours of rest. Interrogations will resume at 1030.

0835: Observations – Detainee attempts to control the interrogation by complaining about his treatment, his mental illness, and his separation from his brothers in Cuba. When shown articles of 9/11, the detainee looked at pictures attentively. The detainee was repeatedly told that he is a man, and part of being a man is accepting responsibility for your actions. Whenever the detainee said that “it is God’s will for him to be sitting in front of me, having to acknowledge and accept responsibility for his actions. The detainee went as far as to state that his religion forbids him to even speak to a woman.

1035: The detainee is awakened and secured in chair. The interrogators are ENS C and IS1 E. A DoD linguist is present. The detainee is offered to use the restroom. The detainee is taken to the bathroom. The detainee then was starring at the floor for several minutes. When ENS C asked “what is on your mind” the detainee looked at the interrogator and began talking a lot about how unfair his situation was.

1110: The detainee asked if it was time to pray and was told not yet. The detainee then began asking what month it is. When not given an answer he persisted and then became quiet for about 10 minutes and then began again to engage in some conversation.

1135: The detainee began to shut down and not respond. He said that he would not speak at all.

1205: Break

1220: Interrogators returned and told the detainee it would be 20 minutes and then time to pray.

1240: Detainee given opportunity to pray.

1300: Lunch. Detainee refused to eat. At first he said he would eat, but then said that he was mentally not well and had only agreed because he was not thinking clearly.

1345: Detainee was shown 9/11 video. The detainee did watch without exhibiting any emotion. The detainee averted eyes from the photos of the hijackers.

1420: Read names of captured and killed AQ. The detainee stared off but was listening and closed his eyes when he heard some of the names of the dead.

1500: Break

1515: The detainee engaged in conversation regarding family and dreams. He asked why the interrogator was causing him pain talking of family and things he could not have. The detainee began to cry.

1530: Detainee requested and was given a bathroom break. Detainee returned hardened.

1700: Detainee spoke and said it has been a hard long day, also that he is on a hunger and talking strike.

1730: Detainee is offered food and water. He stated he was on a hunger strike. Food and water was provided anyway and placed next to him.

1800: Manchester Document was presented to the detainee. The detainee reacted when the description of an AQ operative was brought up.

1810: Detainee was asked if he would like to go the bathroom and if he wanted to nap.

1820: Circumstantial evidence was explained to the detainee. The Detainee stared at all of the documents and was visibily shaken. He seemed disturbed that the AQ leadership was talking, the detainee didn’t say anything but he was making noticeable facial expressions.

1840: Detainee was told that he failed in his mission to the United States and in the Jihad in Afghanistan he again showed a facial response of failure.

1900: Break

1910: Returned from break.

1920: The detainee started speaking when told about the Koran and being judged by Allah and that leaders of AQ twisted the words. The detainee spoke very emotionally . SGT B asked to explain how this came about. Why he is the only one holding on and everyone else is speaking . SGT B stated “don’t worry about a military judge worry about Allah, the Koran doesn’t say kill the innocent. Make things right, repent.”

1930: Detainee cried. He wants to be taken back to Delta and he will talk. He was told that he had to earn his way back to Delta.

1945: Break

1950: Returned from break. SGT B told the detainee “I want to help and I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” Detainee became unresponsive.

2030: Break. Detainee used restroom and was allowed to sleep.

2145: Return from break. Detainee awakened and taken to restroom then secured in chair.

2215: Detainee unresponsive.

2400: Activities concluded for the day and detainee allowed to sleep.

24 November 2002

0400: SGT R and SGT A begin session. SGT R wakes 063. He is taken to the bathroom and walked around for 5 minutes to wake him up. SGT A greets 063. Detainee asks to perform sunrise prayer. SGT A tells him the sun hasn’t come up yet and that she will allow prayer later. SGT A offers water, but detainee refuses. Detainee asks when Ramadan will begin, SGT A says she’ll talk about that later. SGT A tells detainee that he is on hunger strike, so how would Ramadan make a difference? SGT A asks detainee what would be different if it was Ramadan, detainee states he doesn’t know how to answer the question, and detainee becomes unresponsive.

0415: SGT A begins by showing pictures of 19 hijackers and making remarks about what they may have been like, especially the young ones. Detainee won’t look at pictures. SGT A asks why detainee won’t look at pictures detainee won’t answer, SGT A is using the circumstantial evidence theme.

0430: Detainee nods off. SGT R explains that falling asleep is wrong.

0430: Detainee states that he won’t look at pictures because the people in the pictures don’t pertain to his case, and because he’s striking from interrogations.

0440: Detainee states he won’t participate in interrogations until he returns to Cuba with his brothers, and until we stop this injustice. SGT R explains that he has no right to talk of injustice.

0445: Detainee engages in conversation with SGT A over the evidence. Detainee states that the (U.S.) shouldn’t glue the hijackers to him. SGT A states that the evidence does that.

0450: Detainee wants to know if SGT A wants interrogation questions answered. SGT A states she doesn’t need an answer. The detainee seems disheartened by her response.

0450: SGT A is fusing the Level of Guilt Theme with the Evidence. The Detainee is not speaking, but appears to be listening carefully. SGT A is pointing out the little mistakes the detainee made that lead to the evidence that “glue the detainee to hijackers”. The detainee becomes unresponsive.

0457: SGT R advises detainee not to sleep.

0509: SGT R advises detainee not to sleep.

0520: SGT R makes the detainee stand up and sit down 3 times. SGT R explains sleeping and not paying attention will not be tolerated. SGT A explains that his continued silence, while evidence builds against him hurts no one but him.

0545: Detainee continues to be unresponsive. SGT A continues to point out the mistakes that stopped him from entering Orlando, and the connections the detainee has with the hijackers.

0550: SGT R makes the detainee stand up 3 times and tells him to pay attention.

0602: SGT A is telling a story about an owl (Rapport Story). The detainee interrupts and states he wants to pray. SGT R advises detainee that SGT A decides when he prays. SGT R also explains that interrupting is rude.

0605: Detainee again asks to pray. SGT R says no.

0620: Detainee states he wants to pray. SGT R explains that he must respectfully ask SGT A for prayer time, the detainee does so and SGT A allows prayer.

0635: SGT A begins “ Muslims in America Theme”. Detainee is unresponsive

0702: SGT A briefly covers the Manchester Document, saying that his actions and answers during interrogations follow the resistance techniques in the document “It’s just another piece of evidence.”

0705: SGT R makes detainee stand up 3 times, and tells the detainee to pay attention. SGT R gives 5 minutes of instruction on the proper way to show respect to SGT A.

0708: SGT A talks about “Brothers in Cuba”. Detainee remains unresponsive.

0800: SGT A offers meal to detainee. The detainee refuses. SGT R explains that refusal to eat is unproductive. SGT A offers 30 minutes rest. The detainee refuses. Interrogators had Corpsman check the detainee’s vital signs. The detainee has not taken fluids for over 24 hours. Corpsman states vital signs are good. The detainee still refuses to speak a word.

0820: SGT R removes food from table and tells the detainee he missed his chance. SGT R explains that the detainee’s refusal to eat hurts only him. SGT R will not loose [sic] any sleep over it.

0830: SGT A uses “Level of Guilt” approach.

0840: SGT R has the detainee stand for 10 minutes to stretch and avoid sleeping.

0900. SGT A asks the detainee if he wants to pray and sleep. The detainee says yes. SGT A says you have to drink water. The detainee says no. SGT R gives detainee 1 more chance. The detainee says no. SGT R empties water on floor and tells the detainee “you had your chance”. The Corpsman then checks the detainee’s vital signs, they are OK.

0925: SGT A discusses levels of guilt and sin.

0930: SGT A talks about the embarrassment of using a weak cover story and mixes in the “You can make this stop” approach. The detainee remains unresponsive.

0930: CAPT W advises SGT R that the Corpsman can administer IV fluids once Capt W and the Doctor on duty are notified and agree to it.

0940: SGT A begins September 11 approach.

0945: Detainee showed visible signs of interest when SGT A states “all will be revealed on judgment day”.

0955: The detainee demands to go to the bathroom. SGT R states he will not go until he asks properly. The detainee says “please may I go to the bathroom?. SGT A allows him.

1000: SGT R asks how the detainee will act on judgment day. Will he be proud, will he beg forgiveness or will he remain silent like a coward, just as he’s doing now. The detainee appeared to be thinking about what SGT R said.

1023: SGT A begins “Good Muslim” approach.

1215: ENS C and IS1 E entered booth. Detainee was not very responsive.

1230: Detainee is offered a fish sandwich, French fries, coke and a yogurt parfait. Request was made to unhand cuff detainee, but there was no key. Detainee did not eat.

1240: Detainee was unhand cuffed and interrogation team ate in front of him. Detainee’s nose turned red when his judgment was questioned. In the past, this has indicated that he was getting upset.

1320: Strap was hung from ceiling in anticipation of the doctor’s arrival.

1330: Detainee was asked if he wanted water. Detainee understands that in order to pray, he must drink water.

1340: Vitals were checked

1345: Detainee was searched

1355: Detainee stated, “I think now we are in Ramadan.”

1405: Detainee agreed to drink water in return for being allowed to pray.

1440: Interrogators reentered room and discussion ensues about returning to his brothers in Cuba. Detainee became somewhat upset and claimed that the treatment he was receiving was illegal. “Evidence of guilt” was reinforced and detainee was introduced to the implications of conspiracy to commit crimes. Detainee was questioned about a statement he made the previous day, “I was only doing what God wanted me to do.” Detainee asked several times if he really said that. When pressed on the issue, detainee stated that he wanted a normal life that what happened was between him and God. Lead interrogator pointed out to detainee that he could be a messenger for God and his cause. Detainee became visibly anxious.

1545: Detainee was silent and unresponsive. He averted his eyes when the 9/11 video was playing. Control interrogation initiated a “judgment day approach.” Detainee’s facial expressions indicated some responsiveness to the approach.

1630: Detainee was allowed to sleep. Detainee was told that he would be awoken and could pray if he drank water.

1745: Detainee awoken and given opportunity to pray and use the restroom. Detainee refused to drink water and consequently was not allowed to pray.

1800: Medical personnel checked vital signs and determined that detainee needed to be hydrated.

1810: Detainee was given two bags of fluids. Detainee stated that he did not want an IV and that he was in control of his body. SGT M asserted that he was in control and that detainee has no choice but to cooperate.

1845: Medical doctor arrives to evaluate detainee to ensure he is physically able to continue. Detainee stated that he wanted to sign a form or a release stating that he did not want any medications. The doctor explained that no such form exists. Detainee was informed that we would not let him die.

1900: Detainee was told that he had been abandoned by Al-Qaida and that he should stop trying to protect them.

1915: Detainee used restroom and prayed.

1930: Detainee seemed disturbed that everybody was talking and that he was left here all alone.

2000: Detainee was offered food and told that he has already missed five meals.

2020: Detainee’s vital signs were checked and it was determined that he was in good condition.

2030: Detainee was offered anonymity in exchange for his cooperation. SGT M reminded detainee about false statements that he made in the past.

2045: Detainee was asked if his allegiance to Al-Qaida was greater than his allegiance to God. SGT M emphasized that detainee has choices and that detainee was responsible for his current condition.

2100: Discussion turned to the Koran. SGT M asked detainee to show him in the Koran where it authorizes the use of terrorism.

2115: Detainee said he was cold and the AC was turned off.

2205: Detainee used restroom and asked if he wanted food or water.

2315: Medical personnel checked vitals signs. All vital signs were normal.

2330: Detainee began to cry.

2400: Pressure wrap was put on detainee’s feet to combat the swelling. Detainee was put to bed.

25 November 2002

0400: Woke detainee and corpsman took vitals. Corpsman advised SGT R that detainee must take oral liquids within one hour or detainee will be given IV solution. SGT R provided SGT A with a bottle of powdered Tang mixed with water in order to provide electrolytes. SGT A advised detainee that he must drink bottle or he’ll get another IV. She offered the incentive of morning prayer if he drank. Detainee refused. SGT A began with a “your mission” approach. SGT A asks detainee “what do you think is God’s mission for you”, “you have a mission to share God’s message.” Detainee was unresponsive.

0440: SGT A again advised detainee that he must drink or get an IV.

0445: Corpsman tried several times to get IV into the detainee without success. The corpsman stated that the detainee’s dehydration was causing his veins to roll in his arm. The corpsman succeeded in getting a IV in the top of the hand but the IV stopped flowing. The corpsman retried the IV in the hand but was unsuccessful. The doctor was called to make a trip to perform an assessment.

0600: To follow up on “Gods message”, SGT R showed 9-11 DVD. SGT R stood behind detainee and whispered in his ear , “What is God telling you right now? Your 19 friends died in a fireball and you weren’t with them. Was that God’s choice? Is it God’s will that you stay alive to tell us about his message?” At that point, detainee threw his head back and butted SGT R in the eye. The 2 MPs in the room wrestled detainee to the ground to regain control. SGT R crouched over detainee and the detainee attempted to spit on him. SGT R stated “Go ahead and spit on me. It won’t change anything. You’re still here. I’m still talking to you, and you won’t leave until you’ve given Gods message.” Detainee is put in chair.

0630: SGT A showed circumstantial evidence and told detainee repeatedly that she won’t go away and neither will the evidence.

0645: Doctor attempted to put in IV and was unsuccessful. The doctor left to get more supplies.

0700: SGT A continued circumstantial evidence theme.

0705: Assessment – His reaction to SGT R was a combination of his guilt (possibly at not participating in the attack), his continuous interrogation, and his obvious hatred of SGT R. He was told after the episode that it proves he’s not as weak and mentally ill as he wants us to believe.

0730: Doctor arrived and ran an IV by putting in a temporary shunt to allow continuous IV.

0745: SGT A ran the “already captured and talking” approach. When SGT R entered the booth the detainee reached for the IV. The guard stopped him and he reached again. The guards stopped him and cuffed his hands to the chair so he couldn’t reach the IV. The detainee bent over and bit the IV tube completely in two. The guards strapped him to a stretcher and the corpsman attached a new IV. The detainee struggled through the entire process, but could no longer reach the IV.

0900: SGT A resumed the previous approach.

0915: Detainee requested to go to the bathroom but was given an opportunity to use a bottle instead. He was told he will not be unstrapped.

0940: Detainee was given three and one-half bags of IV. He started moaning and told the MPs he’s willing to talk so he can urinate. SGT A entered the booth and asked the following questions: Who do you work for? (Detainee answered: Al Qaida), Who was your leader? (Detainee answered: Usama bin Laden), Why did you go to Orlando? (Detainee answered: I wasn’t told the mission), Who was meeting you? (Detainee answered: I don’t know), Who was with you on the plane? (Detainee answered: I was by myself). SGT R told detainee he was wasting SGT R’s time. Detainee told SGT A he was willing to drink.

1000: Detainee again said he has to go to bathroom. SGT R said he can go in the bottle. Detainee said he wanted to go to the bathroom because it’s more comfortable. SGT R said “You’ve ruined all trust, you can either go in the bottle or in your pants.” Detainee goes in his pants. SGT A continued approach.

1030: Assessment – Detainee has a greater deal of animosity toward SGT R. He is beginning to understand the futility of his situation. He has to understand that his antics will not stop the interrogation at all. We feel he is slowly realizing that he will not outlast the battle of wills. He is much closer to compliance and cooperation now than at the beginning of the operation.

1110: Interrogation team entered the booth; ENS C (Lead), IS1 E (Control), and a female DOD linguist. Lead attempted to engage detainee in conversation but detainee was unresponsive.

1115: Detainee requested to use the restroom. When offered a bottle he said that he wanted to go outside. Control told him he could not, he would have to use the bottle. Detainee agreed. As preparations were being made control was talking about his behavior and how to get off the gurney, detainee urinated in his pants.

1130: Lead began talking with detainee. Detainee began moaning and turning his head from right to left.

1140: Detainee in clear voice said that he needed to use the restroom. He engaged in clear and articulate conversation about getting off the gurney.

1200: Detainee said that he would eat.

1210: Detainee released from gurney and sat in chair. He ate two bites of meal and said it was enough. Control said he promised to eat the whole meal. Detainee ate the whole MRE.

1235: Detainee taken to restroom. He was told to empty himself completely. Detainee then washed and changed clothing.

1250: Detainee was given an opportunity to pray.

1320: Interrogation team entered room and detainee engaged in conversation regarding his statement about being Al Qaida. He said that he was mad at the guards and under much pressure.

1335: Detainee requested a second MRE as he was still hungry. He said he would end the hunger strike to stop the IVs. Lead kept small talk going.

1340: Detainee began crying hard spontaneously.

1350: Detainee said that when he came to Orlando he was turned away due to a visa problem. He said that he was coming on his own and was not Al Qaida. He said he did not know Usama bin Laden. He said “I don’t know what God wants.” Lead talked about the oath to Usama bin Laden and the detainee sat in silence listening intently. He said he knows nothing about Usama bin Laden.

1420: Detainee requested a third MRE. He was given an MRE and drank half a bottle of water. Detainee slowly engaged less and less while he ate. Detainee became evasive on most simple of requests.

1445: Detainee said “After I ate I feel better and will not talk.”

1500: Detainee stated “You are working with the devil. You can take me back to my brothers. I will not eat anymore. I will not drink anymore and I am not going to talk anymore.”

1505: Detainee began crying and praying.

1520: Detainee began talking about his situation. He continued to engage but much less.

1543: Break

1605: Resumed with detainee engaging very little.

1715: Team exited for a break. Control returned and began 9-11 theme.

1735: Detainee given opportunity to pray. He wanted to check if the sun was down himself but was refused.

1745: Control re-entered and continued 9-11 theme until relieved. Detainee did not speak but was actively listening and viewed all photos.

1800: Third shift commenced interrogating detainee.

1805: Detainee claimed he was innocent and that everything was just a coincidence.

1807: Detainee claimed that he admitted to be Al-Qaida because of the intense psychological pressure

1815: Detainee asserted his innocence and expressed remorse over the terrorist attacks

1820: Circumstantial evidence theme

1840: 9/11 video

1850: SGT B takes over interrogation and goes over the Manchester Document

1900: GWOT theme

1915: Detainee asked about Ramadan

1935: SGT M continues GWOT theme

1945: Break. Detainee refused both food and water.

2000: Detainee began to cry while watching 9/11 video

2100: Detainee claimed to have been pressured into making a confession

2130: Detainee requested to go back to Cuba

2135: Detainee refused to talk about his mission, the one that was between him and God.

2150: Detainee went to the restroom

2205: Manchester Document – security plans

2230: Futility and self-inflicted suffering

2320: Detainee refused food and water

2400: Detainee was checked by medical personnel and was allowed to rest

26 November 2002

0400: SGT R wakes detainee- MPs take detainee to bathroom- he is searched and cuffed to chair. Detainee takes a couple sips of water. SGT A advises detainee that a bottle of water is much easier than a bag.

0405: SGT A begins by quoting a verse from Qoran. Detainee is awake, but completely unresponsive.

0425: SGT A uses “ Manchester Document” theme, explains to detainee how he uses interrogation resistance techniques. Detainee is unresponsive; he has yet to speak a word. SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleeping.

0430: SGT R states that because he (SGT R) is such a kind-hearted guy, he’ll let detainee sit down, but detainee will stand again if he falls asleep.

0440: SGT R makes detainee stand again to avoid sleep.

0445: SGT A explains how detainee is not mentally sick, he simply feels guilty.

0457: SGT R allows detainee to sit down.

0505: SGT A tells detainee that no one feels sorry for him; he has brought this on himself. Detainee takes two sips of water. Corpsman checks vitals. Guards take detainee on walk to wake him up. Detainee has not spoken a word.

0515: Detainee is returned to chair. SGT A gives Arabic greeting detainee returns it. Detainee says he’s mentally sick. SGT A explains to everyone in room how detainee is using Al-Qaida handbook. Corpsman rechecks vitals.

0545: Detainee is stood up for 2 minutes to avoid sleep.

0550: SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleep for two minutes.

0555: SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleep.

0620: SGT A allows detainee to sit down. SGT R explains the difference between his will and God’s will. Detainee asks to pray. SGT A says, “You can pray after you drink water” Detainee says he is fasting. SGT A doesn’t allow prayer.

0630: Detainee begins to chant. SGT R says, “If you continue to chant, I’ll turn on the music” Detainee stops chanting.

0645: interrogators take a break. Corpsman states we need to elevate left hand to alleviate swelling. Hand is cuffed above hand with a soft strap. No tension is on the arm. Detainee states he doesn’t want his hand tied up. “I will take responsibility for my hand” SGT A states “I’m glad you are taking responsibility for your hand. Not drinking caused the swelling.”

0700: SGT A covers circumstantial evidence theme.

0730: SGT R covers detainee’s personal failures.

0745: Doctor gives detainee checkup – vitals are good – shunt is cleaned – swelling in hand has gone down.

0800: SGT A covers “What we know” theme.

0820: SGT R covers “Failures” with more emphasis.

0850: SGT A allows detainee to sleep for 30 minutes. Detainee has spoken very little through the session and keeps falling asleep. The 30 minutes may help him engage a little more. After a brief discussion, interrogators decided to let detainee sleep until 1000 hoping to improve participation.

1005: SGT R wakes up detainee. Detainee goes to bathroom and is searched.

1010: SGT A gives “Futility” approach.

1045: SGT R runs a harsh pride & ego down approach. ENS C (as rehearsed earlier) comes in and asks SGT R what he is doing. ENS C says “Don’t talk to him like that, he’s a human being.” SGT R says “Human beings don’t kill 3000 people” and storms out.

1100: Second shift interrogation team enters booth – ENS C (lead) and IS1 E (control). Lead begins speaking to detainee but the detainee looks down and away.

1130: Detainee continues the silent conduct. Lead leaves and control instructs detainee to stand for ten minutes to stretch and wake up.

1150: Lead re-enters but subject continues not to engage in conversation. Lead runs “Circumstantial Evidence” theme. Medical checks detainee’s circulation.

1245: Detainee offered food and water. Detainee refuses. Team ate outside of detainee’s presence.

1330: Control enters and offers water. Detainee says he is fasting due to Ramadan. Detainee requested to pray and was told he could only pray if he drinks water. Detainee continues to refuse water but exchanges in dialogue with control. Detainee was allowed 10 minutes to pray. Medical removes shunt from arm.

1400: Lead continues to try to engage detainee in conversation. Detainee unresponsive.

1600: Detainee laid down with feet elevated due to swelling of feet. Detainee slept for 45 minutes.

1720: Detainee told it is time for prayer but he must drink water first. Detainee took one sip but was told he must drink it all. Detainee refused to drink water.

1800: SGT B began interrogation. Detainee refused to speak. Muslims in America theme was introduced.

1805: Levels of guilt was introduced.

1810: Detainee refused food and water

1835: SGT M takes over the interrogation. P&E down was employed (ie You look like hell. Do you want to see me everyday and pray on the floor where you urinated?)

1845: Manchester Document/Futility- The Al-Qaida training manual was written by somebody who never went through an interrogation.

1850: Why doesn’t Usama bin Laden use his children, or why does he not participate in suicide missions? Al-Qaida is falling apart theme/futility. SGT M reviewed with detainee the slips that he made.

1905: Manchester Document theme/futility

1930: P&E down

1940: SGT B takes over interrogation

2010: Detainee drinks a bottle of water and is allowed to pray. Comparison is made between idol worship and swearing Bay’a to Usama bin Laden.

2100: Detainee uses the latrine, walks around outside, and does knee bends to get the blood circulating. Medical check. Detainee checked out medically

2110: Muslims in America theme

2200: SGT M takes over interrogation

2230: Manchester Document theme/futility – Did you see how quickly the United States took over Afghanistan and how quickly the Jihadist fled the country or surrendered.

2235: Detainee became very uncomfortable with SGT M’s hand on his shoulder and tried to move it. Detainee seemed very disgusted at SGT M

2300: Detainee proclaims his innocence and requested that SGT M stop talking about Islam. (ie Usama bin Laden raped Islam. UBL hijacked Islam) Detainee stated, “If you interrogate me in the right way and the right position… you might find some answers.

2308: Detainee claimed that the interrogations are based on malice, hate, and jealousy. He said, “The treatment is wild and animalistic. Everybody has limits. Once those limits are crossed, what is somebody suppose to do?”

2310: Detainee said, “If I told the truth, everybody would get mad. If you interrogated me correctly… maybe if you rested and I rested… One interrogator after another… God and his angels see what is happening.”

2315: Detainee was on the verge of breaking

2339: Detainee shut down and medical personnel check detainee. Detainee used the restroom

2400: Interrogation ended. Medical check. Detainee was walked around the room for five minutes before going to bed to get his blood circulating. Detainee’s feet were elevated to reduce swelling in his feet.

27 November 2002

0400: SGT R (control) wakes detainee. Detainee goes to bathroom. MPs walk detainee around to wake him up and get fluids from IV to move. His feet have swollen due to excess fluid. SGT A (lead) begins Manchester Document.

0415: Detainee asked to pray at sunrise. Lead told him that he must drink _ bottle of water. Detainee held his hands up and readily accepted the water.

0510: Lead started playing 9-11 video. Detainee asked to go to bathroom half way through the video. Lead told him he would have to wait because she thinks he just asks for bathroom breaks just to get a mental break. Detainee did not ask to go to bathroom again.

0610: Video over. Detainee prayed and taken to bathroom. Detainee stated he was constipated. Corpsman states detainee is impacted and needs to drink three bottles of water or the detainee will be given an enima.

0640: Control explains the enima procedure. Control begins circumstantial evidence theme with “you’re a failure approach”. Detainee’s body language indicated he was becoming angry. Control nicknames detainee “Mo”.

0800: Doctor checks vitals – O.K. Lead starts Saudi Government theme and Al Qaida falling apart and talking theme. Lead covers circumstantial evidence theme in soft but stern voice. Detainee appears to be listening to lead.

0905: Detainee goes to bathroom and is walked around to stay awake.

0925: Lead starts “failure” approach with Al Qaida falling apart theme.

1000: Control puts detainee in swivel chair at MAJ L’s suggestion to keep him awake and stop him from fixing his eyes on one spot in booth. Detainee struggled with MP when MP moved chair. Control used “onion” analogy to explain how detainee’s control over his life is being stripped away. Control gives detainee three facts: we are hunting down Al Qaida every day, we will not stop until they are captured or killed, we control every aspect of your life. Detainee did not speak but became very angry with control.

1100: Detainee awakened and taken to the restroom.

1200: Interrogation team entered booth. ENS C (lead), IS1 E (control) and a female DOD linguist. Lead made polite conversation but detainee did not engage. Detainee asked for prayer. Was told it was not time yet. Detainee was offered water but refused. Detainee said he was fasting.

1225: Team brought in a home cooked Arab meal and offered to detainee. Detainee declined to eat and team ate in front of him.

1245: Detainee asked for prayer. He was told he would have to drink water. Detainee took a small drink and was told he would have to take the whole bottle. He finished the bottle and was allowed to pray.

1315: Detainee taken to bathroom. He stated that he made a small bowel movement.

1340: Detainee asked to eat and was offered the homemade meal. Control entered room
and displayed agitation that detainee was now eating (a rehearsed event).

1400: Lead and detainee engaged in small talk about prayer.

1415: Medical visited detainee regarding constipation. Detainee was offered a suppository rub but he refused, saying he wanted an oral stool softener.

1440: Detainee asked to use the bathroom and was taken.

1500: Lead began speaking with detainee about prayer and Islam.

1600: Detainee complained of pain in head, and was offered a nap.

1715: Detainee was taken to bathroom.

1725: Interrogators offered to let detainee pray.

1800: SGT B began interrogation by talking about the numerous slip-ups that detainee has made since returning to Camp X-Ray.

1845: Detainee requested water and drank _ bottle

1900: Detainee used latrine and exercised.

1915: Interrogation team discussed the irony of Usama bin Laden choosing the name Al-Qaida (The Base) for his organization. Interrogation team took the position that God and the Koran should be the base and the foundation in everybody’s life.

2000: SGT M took over interrogation. Detainee became very agitated and yelled at SGT M for about five minutes. Detainee was restrained. SGT M continually stated that UBL’s mission was unrighteous and misguided and continually asked detainee who he worked for in Al-Qaida.

2030: Detainee drank water and went to the latrine.

2110: 9/11 Video was played for detainee. He became very agitated and violent. He tried to kick the DVD player and assault SGT M. MP had to restrain detainee. SGT M agitated detainee by grasping his shoulder and asking him the following two questions: Who did you work for in Al-Qaida? What was Al-Qaida doing in America?

2130: Detainee was sent to the restroom, but tried to resist.

2140: Detainee refused stool softener medication.

2145: SGT M initiated the Al-Qaida Falling Apart theme.

2200: SGT B continued with Al-Qaida Falling Apart theme and introduced detainee to the victims of 9/11. At this point, SGT B was very firm with detainee and took the moral high ground. SGT B expressed his disgust for detainee and accused detainee of being “unclean” because of his malicious intentions and desires to kill innocent men, women, and children. Detainee took great offense to being accused of being unclean and accused SGT B of not knowing what a harsh word he used.

2245: Detainee went to the latrine and exercised

2300: Detainee took the stool softener medication

2315: SGT M took over the interrogation.

2320: Detainee requested that SGT M stop saying that the Al-Qaida raped the Koran. He also said, “God is not Al-Qaida and the Koran cannot be raped.”

2325: SGT M read several passages out of the Koran that condemned Al-Qaida.

2342: Detainee spit on SGT M after SGT M said, “This was the reason (referring to the attacks of September 11) of your miserable existence; to go to the United States and kill innocent people.” Detainee also accused SGT M of working with the Jinn.

2350: Detainee proclaimed his innocence

2400: Medical personnel check detainee’s vital signs. Detainee went to sleep.

28 November 2002

0400: SGT R (control) woke detainee up. Detainee drank _ bottle of water, goes to bathroom and walks. Corpsman checks vitals. Detainee’s feet appear more swollen than yesterday. Detainee refused aspirin (offered to help reduce swelling). SGT A (lead) asks detainee about the kicking and spitting incident the night before. Lead explains how detainee has no control.

0415: Lead begins Al Qaida falling apart theme, goes into pride and ego down. Detainee was repeatedly shown picture of Bin Al Shibh and asked why Bin Al Shibh’s life was viewed as being more valuable than his. Detainee told that Bin Al Shibh was viewed as a future leader. Lead wondered out loud why Bin Al Shibh is better than detainee, if Saudis are supposed to be better than Yemenis. Detainee was told he should show Bin Al Shibh respect because he is better than detainee.

0530: Lead began asking about detainee’s family and asking what happened in his household that produced a terrorist. Lead also talked about pictures of 9-11 victims on the wall, focusing on children. Detainee still won’t look at lead. Detainee was told that if God keeps track of your sins, he would have millions so he should not be concerned about something as small as looking at a woman.

0615: Detainee told that he would be going to the bathroom. He said he didn’t have to go, but was told that he would go because we wanted him to.

0630: When control entered booth, detainee stated in English “Excuse me sergeant, I want to pray.” Control said “Have you earned prayer? I know you have a lot to ask forgiveness for, but I already told you that you have to earn it.” Detainee says “Please, I want to pray here” (pointing to floor next to his chair). Control responds no.

0635: Detainee placed in swivel chair. As control talked about victims’ pictures on wall, MPs rolled detainee to each picture. Particular attention was paid to the children. Control asked “Are these the faces of evil?” Detainee struggled with MPs during his stay in swivel chair. Detainee gets explanation of use of enima – seems embarrassed.

0700: Control gives Arabic lesson to detainee. Control writes the Arabic words for “liar” ,”coward”, and “failure” on the wall. Control asks detainee “are you a liar? Are you a failure? Are you a coward? Yes you are.” Detainee seemed surprised at control’s knowledge of Arabic. Control did this in response to detainee’s earlier use of english. Detainee said nothing during this session but showed apparent signs of anger toward the theme.

0740: Control takes break. Medical shows up and checks vitals. Detainee takes walk. Control asks in Arabic “how are you Mohammed?” Detainee responds in arabic [sic] “not bad”.

0800: Lead begins session, returning to Al Qaida falling apart. Asks detainee why Bin Al Shibh is better than him.

1041: After revisiting words written on the wall by control, detainee said (paraphrased) “You are using those words against me and they are hurting me. There’s no need to say those things to me. No man would accept those words.”

1125: Detainee awakened.

1150: Interrogation team entered the booth. ENS C (lead), IS1 E (control), and a female DOD linguist. Lead made small talk about family. Detainee non-responsive.

1205: Took pictures of 9-11 victims down.

1220: Offered water for prayer. At first detainee rejected but then accepted.

1240: Bathroom break.

1300: Subject was given cheeseburger and MRE. He had some worry if the burger was O.K. for him to eat, he finally decided it was.

1330: Detainee spoke with lead for a period of time but then began whining so lead left.

1400: Taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1430: Control entered room and started 9-11 theme. Detainee professed his innocence. Theme was switched to circumstantial evidence.

1500: Detainee asked for bathroom break and was refused as he was using it as a ploy to interrupt interrogation.

1515: Detainee taken to bathroom and walked 10 minutes.

1540: Control re-entered, continued circumstantial evidence, then switched to 9-11.

1645: Detainee requested prayer. He was told it was not time.

1700: Detainee was told it was time for prayer and was offered water. Detainee refused the water. Detainee was then taken to the bathroom and walked 10 minutes. He then said he wanted prayer and would drink. He was told that he could have the water, however the time for prayer had passed.

1750: Detainee exercised and refused food and water. SGT B began interrogation

1840: Detainee refused food and water

1900: Detainee went to the latrine

1945: SGT M took over interrogation

2000: Detainee went to the latrine and drank two bottles of water to avoid get an enema

2020: Detainee exercised by doing knee bends. SGT M implemented SPC P’s “Mohammad the Slave” theme. Detainee stated that he is God’s slave. Circumstantial evidence theme.

2100: Detainee exercised and used the latrine

2115: Interrogation team left detainee to watch 9/11 video

2200: SGT M taped pictures of the 9/11 victims on detainee’s body

2305: Detainee proclaimed his innocence and said he would pass a polygraph test.

2230: Detainee went to the latrine

2340: Detainee exercised

2350: Medical check

2400: Detainee drank one bottle of water, used the latrine, and went to bed.

29 November 2002

0400: New linguist assigned to team. SGT R (control) wakes detainee. Corpsman advises detainee he need to drink three bottles of water of get an enema. After some resistance, detainee drinks one and a half bottles of water. Detainee walks for 15 minutes. SGT A (lead) begins approach.

0415: Run Manchester document theme and muslims in America.

0600: Detainee does not ask for anything, but waits for control to enter room and asks to pray. Drinks one half bottle of water.

0610: Detainee taken to bathroom and exercised.

0645: Control begins Arabic lesson. Explains detainee is a student and control is teacher. Detainee drinks one bottle of water.

0730: Doctor checks detainee. Tells detainee that if detainee doesn’t have a bowel movement, detainee will get an enema. Doctor says detainee’s feet look better.

0745: Control continues student/teacher approach.

0800: Control asks detainee, “are you a liar?” Detainee replies no. Control, “Then why did you tell me you’ve never been to the U.S.? Here’s the proof.” Controls shows circumstantial evidence of visit. Control tells detainee that he will show detainee how to embrace the truth. Detainee did not say anything else but paid close attention to control. Control gave commands at random times to stand and sit. Detainee complied.

0915: Detainee taken to bathroom. Lead begins pride and ego down approach.

1000: Detainee taken to bathroom. Base communication workers arrive to install command post phone lines, so detainee could not be walked.

1010: Lead resumes approach. Detainee began to fall asleep and was told to stand. When guard tried to teach detainee where to stand, detainee pushed guard. Other guards entered room and regained control. Detainee tried to complain, but lead told detainee that he might as well be speaking an alien language because no one wants to hear what he says.

1040: Lead laughed at detainee and this seemed to infuriate the detainee. Detainee told he must realize he has no control.

1100: Detainee used the latrine

1125: 2nd Shift entered the booth. Detainee would not engage in conversation but would make eye contact.

1200: Detainee prayed, walked, and used latrine

1220: Detainee refused lunch and stated that he was on a food and water strike

1320: Detainee used latrine and checked by medical

1440: Detainee exercised and used latrine. Detainee asked for a nap and was refused.

1500: Interrogators entered the room

1550: Detainee was given the chance to use latrine

1648: Detainee was offered prayer time if he would drink water. Detainee refused water

1650: Detainee used latrine and exercised

1700: Detainee returned to booth

1725: Detainee refused MRE.

1755: Interrogation session ended

1800: Shift 3 began interrogation

1920: Detainee refused food

1935: Detainee used latrine

1940: Detainee exercised

2100: Detainee used latrine

2105: Detainee refused food and water

2145: Detainee exercised

2400: Detainee refused water and was checked by medical personnel. Medical personnel indicated that detainee is getting very close to being dehydrated. Detainee complained of being dizzy and having a headache. Detainee went to bed.

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