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Interrogation Log of al-Qahtani (The Last Day)

11 January 2003

0145: Head break and 10 minute exercise.

0200: Source ate 1 MRE and drank 1 bottle of water.

0230: Source received haircut. Detainee did not resist until the beard was cut. Detainee stated he would talk about anything if his beard was left alone. Interrogator asked detainee if he would be honest about himself. Detainee replied “if God wills”. Beard was shaven. Detainee stated he was on strike from interrogation on all teams. A little water was poured over the detainee’s head to reinforce control and wash the hair off. Interrogator continued futility approach. Detainee began to cry when talking.

0400: Head break and 10 minute walk.

0430: Nap

0545: Head break and 10 minute walk. Interrogator told detainee to choose a topic of discussion. Detainee asked to know about the rituals of Christianity. Interrogator told detainee to talk about the rituals of Islam first.

0650: Medical check, OK.

0700: Taken to x-ray for sleep period.

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