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Abu Zubaydah: Allegations of Abuse

PERSONAL REP[RESENTATIVE]: They did this to me because they thought I was [REDACTED] a partner to USAMA BIN LADEN, as is mentioned in the unclassified Summary of Evidence against me. [REDACTED] After this I started feeling the symptoms of my 1992 injury to my head, including the complete loss of my memory and an inability to speak, read, or write. But, these abilities slowly came back to me although I still have shrapnel in my head. […] Also, another form of torture was when they wouldn't give me my diary, which caused me to have nearly 40 seizures. The mental anguish that came from broken promises in which they said that they would give me my diary back contributed to mu seizures. Most importantly, my diary can refute the accusations against me and it can show that I am personally against the sort of acts that were committed (Verbatim Transcript of Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing for ISN 10016, p. 22).

PRESIDENT: No. Thank you. In your statement, you mentioned months of torture. Has anything that your provided us today regarding your written statements related to those times that you have been tortured? DETAINEE: No. [conversation between Detainee and Language Analyst discussing the President's question]. Actually, most of what they say I did in first months they take against me even for some things or like they say I was--I was nearly before half die plus what they do torture me.--it--There I was not afraid from die because I do believe I will be shahid [Language Analyst translates] martyr, but as God make make me as human and I weak, so they say yes, I say okay, I do I do, but leave me. They say no, we don't want to. You to admit you do this, we want you to give us more information. This part I can't because I don't know. I say "yes, I was partner of BIN LADEN. [REDACTED] and I'm his partner of RESSAM." I say okay but leave me. So they write but they want what's after, more information about more operations, so I can't. They keep torturing me, tell me why them self they discover you are not torturing (Verbatim Transcript of Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing for ISN 10016, p. 23)

PRESIDENT: In your previous statement, you were saying specific treatments. Can you describe a little bit more about what those treatments were? DETAINEE: [REDACTED]. PRESIDENT: I understand. DETAINEE: And they not give me chance all this, [REDACTED] PRESIDENT: So I understand that during this treatment, you said things to make them stop and then those statements were actually untrue, is that correct? DETAINEE: Yes (Verbatim Transcript of Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing for ISN 10016, p. 24).