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Standard Operating Procedures (Citations), 2005

Camp Delta Picture, 3

On June 10, 2006, three Guantánamo prisoners were found dead in their cells. Seven days later, the Commander of the Joint Detention Group (or JDG) at Guantánamo made a statement regarding these events. This statement was classified until August 2008, when the Department of Defense released a declassified version thereof. The statement by the JDG Commander mentions the 2005 Standard Operating Procedures manual for Camp Delta, as well as the role (s)he played in its production:

The Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual lays out the way the JDG is to be run. The latest full republishing of the SOP [as of 10JUNE06] was in DEC05. We had basically been working on this since I arrived [on 16APR05]. Updating the SOP was primarily the responsibility of my S3 shop (operations) and S5 Shop (civil liaison and planning section).

Also cited in this statement are two paragraphs from the 2005 SOP manual for Camp Delta which purport to ban and end sleep deprivation practices at Guantánamo:

The SOP states that no showers and recreation will take place during the hours of 2200-0600 (para 8-14a (11), page 31). ICRC [or the International Committee on the Red Cross] considered it very important for detainees to have uninterrupted sleep. This SOP also ceases the movement of detainees during these hours (para 8-13b. page 30).

Testimony about Guantánamo prisoners being taken for showers or recreation in the middle of the night can be found, for example in some of the testimony of several prisoners in Camps 5 and 6.

Also abundant is the testimony on the night-time, cell-to-cell movement, of prisoners. These movements are known either as "Operation Sandman" or as the "Frequent Flyer Program". Explicit mention of Operation Sandman can be found, for example, in:

Reference to the Frequent Flyer Program (or Frequent Flier Program) is made in:

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