Testimony of Colonel Moe Davis

According to an article in The Canadian Press, Colonel Moe Davis, chief prosecutor for the Department of Defense Military Commissions since September 2005, resigned in September 2007 complaining his authority was being challenged by Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann, a new legal adviser. According to Davis, the final straw occurred when Pentagon general counsel Jim Haynes became part of the prosecution chain of command (Haynes had a hand in a notorious memo permitting coercive interrogations of terror suspects and narrowly defining torture as treatment causing pain similar to death or major organ failure). In the passage cited below, Colonel Davis acknowledges the use of waterboarding in Guantánamo.

Physical Abuse

[Colonel Moe] Davis has always rejected accusations of widespread torture at the [Guantánamo] prison camp, including waterboarding, or simulated drowning. "It was a very isolated number of occasions where that was used."

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