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A Selection from the Two Sides/One Story Tour (Cardiff), February 9, 2010

Chris Arendt: [The frequent flyer program]’s when the interrogators have a detainee that they want to make sure is not sleeping--uh, it’s a form of sleep deprivation--they give me a list and they say that, say, Detainee 558 (that our inhuman number system we have going on) five-five-eight needs to move from Charlie 26 to Romeo 23, uh, every hour. So he’ll go from Charlie 26 to Romeo 23 and then the next hour from Romeo 23 to Charlie 26 and then back and forth, back and forth, back and forth all day, every hour.

Moazzam Begg: What was the purpose of this?

Chris Arendt: So that you can’t sleep. I mean, to move, is I mean you know you gotta do the whole like hands through the bean hole, and then you do the hand shackles, and the belt loop chain, and then the feet shackles, and then you gotta shuffle all the way across the camp to wherever you’re going, and then you gotta undo that process the same way that you did it. So you know, that takes 15 or 20 minutes. So then the detainee’s in their cell for 45 minutes before somebody’s knocking on their door again to move them again. So they can’t sleep. They spend their whole, they might spend months like this, moving back, basically spending like three-fourths, or one-fourth of their time, a quarter of their time, of their life moving in between cells.