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Testimony of a Private Analyst


Date: 4/2[5]/2003
RE: Incident on 22APR03

On 22 April 2003, [ILLEGIBLE] 2030 [hours?] [REDACTED] accompanied me to monitor an interrogation done by [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] speaks Arabic and would be able to translate the session for me; he also wanted to watch [REDACTED] techniques. We went to [REDACTED] building monitoring room 5; this monitoring room overlooks interrogation rooms 4 and 6. When we walked into the monitoring room we saw another interrogation in room 6 going on. In the monitoring room was a [ILLEGIBLE] [Army analyst] and a [ILLEGIBLE] Navy analyst. The Army analyst was controlling the monitor and had a speaker so that both parties could hear the interrogation, the speaker was loud enough that I could hear [ILLEGIBLE] even though I had [headsets?] on. In the interrogation room were the interrogator [REDACTED] [ILLEGIBLE] interpreter, two MPs and the detainee. They [ILLEGIBLE] standing in the center of the floor. The MPs held the detainee by the upper arms. The interpreter was standing to the [ILLEGIBLE] of the detainee and [REDACTED] was standing directly in front of the detainee. [REDACTED] was yelling questions to the detainee very rapidly. [REDACTED] [ILLEGIBLE] yelled "DOWN" the MPs then pushed the detainee to the floor with enough force to not only shake the camera in their interrogation room but also in the room that [REDACTED] was conducting his interrogation. He would then yell "GET UP" and the MPS would [jerk?] the detainee up. Each time the [ILLEGIBLE] heard the word "DOWN" [REDACTED]. The analysts in the monitoring room stood up to watch this as it was happening and were laughing about it.

[REDACTED] and I left the monitoring room, [as?] we got up to leave, we observed this happening again as we were walking down the hall of Gold building to [ILLEGIBLE] we could [ILLEGIBLE] the force of the detainee being pushed to the floor. [REDACTED] said he was going to call [REDACTED] I returned to the monitoring room. The interrogation in room 6 had ended and the military [ILLEGIBLE] left the room. The detainee was still standing in the center of the room [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] returned to the monitoring room and told me that he could not get a hold of [REDACTED] and [ILLEGIBLE] me if I knew [REDACTED] telephone number. I gave him the number and he proceeded to call [REDACTED] [ILLEGIBLE] the monitoring room to meet [ILLEGIBLE]. I returned there. At approximately 2145 the MPs came to take the detainee back to his cell. When they were [shackling?] him for the move one of the MPs took his pulse. They left and I remained in the monitoring room until [REDACTED] was finished with his interrogation.

I am unaware of the names of the personnel involved with the exception of [REDACTED] however, can identify the [ILLEGIBLE] analyst and one of the MPs.


Analyst, ACS Defense Inc.

Get original here (taken from Captured in Tape, Seton Hall).