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Testimony to Witness to Guantanamo (Abdul Helil Mamut)

Dentist Visit

I was taken to the clinic, and the dentist came. Then they told me, “which tooth you have pain?” And I showed this, and then they said, “Here, we don’t have any choice. You go back cell, or, you have to let us to pull out. No medicine; nothing.” So because of pain and I got a short patience, and I told them “Okay.” 

They made my tooth and around the gum numb, and then pulled [it] out. But actually they did it wrong. And I showed them the [pauses to ask for translation] last one. But they didn’t pull out. Next [to last] they pulled out. I did not feel after because they made really really strong numb. When I came to cell, after one day or two days, then… Bakhtiar told me, “which tooth they pulled out?” And I told him “Last one.” Then he told me “Show me.” And I opened my mouth, he said “No! Last one is okay.” He said it was beside. I moved my tongue, it was next, not last one. I was so upset […]

After two days nurse came, I explained everything. The [d]entist, he sent his… assistant, wh[o] I told him “Last one! I told you last one but you pulled out second one.” He said “Okay, I’m sorry… it was… I was confused… this and that.” What can I do? I mean, I was a detainee—jailed, imprisoned in [a] small cell. So I showed patience.

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Deprived of Family

You know what, we’ve been longtime in a small cell. It is really hard to live alone. And you miss your family, you miss your parents, your brothers, your relatives. And more than that, everything... but you are deprived from this.

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