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Statement of Shaker Aamer (November 7, 2005)

I am dying here every day, mentally & physically. This is happening to all of us. We have been ignored, locked up in the middle of the ocean for four years. Rather than humiliate myself, having to beg for water in Camp Echo, I would rather hurry up a process that is going to happen anyway. It is a matter of religious belief and personal dignity.

I have got kidney problems from the filthy yellow water. I have lung problems from the chemicals they spread all over the floor. I am already arthritic at 40 because I sleep on a steel bed, and they use freezing air conditioning as part of the interrogation process. I have ruined eyes from the permanent, 24 hours [sic] fluorescent lights. I have tintinitis in my ears from the perpetual noise. I have skin diseases from chemicals and never being allowed to see the sun. I have ulcers and almost permanent constipation from the food. I have been made paranoid, so I can trust nobody (even my lawyer) because the Americans play with my mind. I would just like to die quietly, by myself.

I was once over 250 lbs. I dropped to 130 lbs in the hunger strike. In respect for Ramadan, I suspended my protest. But on November 4, I must begin again. I want to join my brothers who will then be on their 90th day. I want to make it easy on everyone. I want no feeding, no forced tubes, no "help", no "intensive assisted feeding". This is my legal right.

                                                                                        Shaker Aamer

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Posted on on November 11, 2005 (click here).