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Unclassified notes from his attorney, July 25, 2009

From the unclassified notes of David Remes, attorney for Abdulalsalam al Hilal
July 25, 2009

Because of the incidents that are happening one after another, not even mountains could withstand it. It is beyond the ability of humans to endure. I can't find the right expression. I stopped shaking, being scared. This is not how I planned my life, but I can endure it because this is Allah's plan for me. I've been here seven years. It would give a child gray hairs. On a Monday [13th Rajab 1430-H = July 6, 2009] at 11pm, I returned to my cell after rec time. Usually, right after I come back from rec, or before I go to sleep, I try to clean myself up. I also arrange my bed so I can go to sleep. When I began to arrange the bed, I found a sharp object, which I recognized as a big pair of scissors— 20-25 cms or 8-10 inches. It was very sharp, and each of the blades could be a very sharp knife. It's impossible for such an object to be found with a prisoner at GTMO, especially in Camp 5, which is the most secure prison. Even the scissors in the first-aid kit are blunt and 4 inches and the tips are bent, so no prisoner could hurt himself if he managed to get it. None of the other prisoners had ever seen anything like it in all their years at Guantanamo. I was tempted to call the guards, but it occurred to me that they may have placed the scissors there so I could kill myself; maybe they thought they could get rid of me because there's no agreement with Yemen because of me. The other brothers say my name is always at the top of the issues, so we speculate that thet were trying to set me up to kill myself in a moment of weakness, when any human would think of killing himself. Nothing is done by chance or stupidity here. They use psychological torture, which is worse than direct murder. More serious. The second possibility is that they planted this not just so they could say I had taken my own life but, if not that, and there is no agreement with Yemen, they're killing the Yemenis one after another. Why do they want to kill me? What have I done?

Don't kill me in this low way—saying that I killed myself. Just execute me openly.

I need a way to protect myself by being moved, as happened with Yusef. I want to leave here on two feet, not in [a] coffin.

Thinking about death does not bother me at all. But the one thing I don't want people to say is that I killed myself. Everyone must know that this is a major issue.

[Friday] July 24 - Saleh in hospital for "bruises" suffered while exercising; in hosp[ital] since Tuesday.



Mr. al Hilal's testimony is not unique (see here).

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