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Mana Shaman Allabardi al Tabi, Letter, June 8, 2006

"In the name of Allah the compassionate the most merciful"

In the name of Allah, peace and mercy upon his messenger Muhammad, his family, and his followers.

Hence, as you all know, the situation in this prison is worsening. They are insulting Allah's book. They are aggressive, hateful, and harmful to those who are faithful to their faith, honor, minds, and bodies. For the past four years, there has been continuous psychological and physical harm; especially in isolations at Romeo, Echo, and Camp Five. The enemies of Allah have declared war against us. I ask Allah to glorify His book and religion through our work. I ask Allah to save his believers, those who worship Him. I ask Allah to release them from their captivity, and to diminish the infidels! I ask Allah to resuscitate the Muslim youth.

I advise you to fear Allah and to work through faith. This religion will not rise without sacrifice.

Ibn al-Qayyim has said: Verily, the true life is faith and a struggle for faith until death. I advise you to group together, listen and obey. Don't disagree! Clear everything with Allah. Be pure in heart among yourselves.

What I have done was not because I was your superior, but because I was inferior to you. I also know that when you leave you will please Allah more than me. Forgive me! Don't forget about me in your supplications. Increase your love to Allah and fear Him!

Sender: your brother, Mana' bin Shaman al-Habardi.

For life makes the friend happy // While death enrages the enemy

[Islamic Calendar] Date: 12/5/1427 [or June 8, 2006]

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