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Guantanamo Bay prisoners suffering: Qari Saeed Iqbal

Online International News Network (Pakistan)
January 17-19, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Qari Saeed Iqbal who suffered seven years at Guantanamo Bay on Sunday disclosed that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are being tortured and mistreated while the disgracing of Holy Quran was the routine of the day.

While addressing a crowded press conference on Sunday, Qari Saeed Iqbal has said that total 260 prisoners are languishing at the Guantanamo Bay out of which six are Pakistanis.

While narrating his story of arrest he said that he was arrested in January 2002 at Jakarta Airport when he was going to see his step-mother.

“I was taken to US. Later on they shifted me in Egypt where I was tortured and mistreated,” he said.

The Egyptian Intelligence Chief who is the son of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak kept me in his supervision. I was taken to Islamabad after 92 days from where I was taken to Bagram Airbase. I could hear cries and screams of hundreds of prisoners including women and children, he said.

Qari Saeed Iqbal further maintained that he was shifted to Guantanamo Bay from Bagram Airbase where "I was kept in 4x6 cell. After six month I was shifted to another cell where I was passed through psychological and corporal torture and horrendous abuse. While sick and ill inmates have no facility of treatment."

He said that there are six Pakistani [at] Guantanamo Bay which include Khalid Sheikh, Majid Khan, Dr. Ejaz, Abdul Rahim Rabbani, Ghulam Rabbani and Saifullah Paracha.

Qari Saeed Iqbal further told that he [went] on hunger strike for two and half years.

Similarly, he said that he was released on 31st August 2008 and brought to Islamabad where "I was interrogated for 23 days by Pakistani agencies."

He demanded from the government to take measures for the release of the rest of the Pakistanis languishing in Guantanamo Bay.

Qari Saeed Iqbal further claimed that he has no links with any terrorists organization nor did he was involved in any Terrorist Activity.

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