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Summary of Mr. Al Noaimi's Statements

This is a summary of the statements made by Mr. Abdullah Al Noaimi to his lawyers. It is taken, verbatim, from pp. 14-18 of Guantanamo Bay Detainee Statements, a document produced in May 2005 by attorneys Mark Sullivan and Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, of the firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP.

Pursuant to an order entered by the U.S. District Court in the habeas corpus litigations initiated by a number of prisoners, all notes taken during client interviews with Guantánamo prisoners must be reviewed by the Department of Defense and deemed unclassified by them. The statements on which the Sullivan and Colangelo-Bryan summary are based have been reviewed by the Department of Defense and deemed unclassified.

Summary of Mr. Al Noaimi's Statements

A. Treatment While in U.S. Custody in Afghanistan

Pakistani authorities detained Abdullah Al Noaimi in Pakistan in late 2001 and turned him over to the U.S. military. The military transported him to Kandahar, Afghanistan, where they held him for approximately five months. When he first arrived in Kandahar, soldiers led him from the plane, chained his legs together and forced him to walk toward a large tent. As he was walking, the soldiers kicked his legs out from under him, causing him to fall to the ground. As he lay shackled on the ground, the soldiers kicked him and jumped on his back. Although he was blindfolded, Mr. Al Noaimi heard other detainees screaming in pain. He and other detainees were ordered to stand with their backs to the soldiers, who then knocked them to the ground and held guns to their heads.

Once inside the large tent, soldiers cut the clothes off Mr. Al Noaimi's body and forced him to stand naked in front of male and female U.S. military personnel. An object was put in his rectum. A female MP grabbed and held Mr. Al Noaimi's penis.

U.S. military personnel interrogated Mr, Al Noaimi about the Taliban and al Qaeda. At one point he was told to say hello to God. Mr. Al Noaimi believed that this meant he was going to be executed.

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There were approximately 60 detainees in this large tent The soldiers forbade the detainees from speaking with each other and forced anyone who broke this rule to kneel outside.

The MPs later moved Mr. Al Noaimi to a smaller tent. One day they carried him from this tent, forced him to lie on the ground and undressed him in front of detainees and U.S. military personnel. The soldiers then shackled him and made him walk naked back to the tent in front of the other detainees and the soldiers.

U.S. military personnel interrogated Mr. Al Noaimi during his incarceration at Kandahar. These interrogations often lasted from midnight until sunrise, and the interrogators threatened to assault Mr. Al Noaimi, called him a liar, blew cigarette smoke in his face and threatened to put cigarettes out on his forehead. Mr. Al Noaimi asked the interrogators to tell him what they wanted him to say. The interrogators responded that Mr. Al Noaimi should say that he had gone to Afghanistan for jihad.

The soldiers subsequently moved Mr. Al Noaimi to another small tent in which there were approximately 20 detainees. The tent was very cold, and often meals consisted of MREs, which in many instances were frozen and impossible to chew. In this tent, the MPs would awaken the detainees several times a night. During a search, an MP punched Mr. Al Noaimi.

After being moved to yet another tent, a large MP named Jeffrey told Mr. Al Noaimi that it had been a long time since he had "kicked Muslim asses." A female soldier told Mr. Al Noaimi that she was from Virginia, and threatened to kill a family member of Mr. Al Noaimi whom, she had learned, lived in Virginia.

Two other soldiers, Hodges (nicknamed "Boss Hog") and Harris, who were responsible for providing food to Mr. Al Noaimi, would frequently withhold his food and tell him that he "might get fed next time." After approximately two weeks of sporadic feeding, Mr. Al Noaimi informed a doctor that he had not been receiving regular meals. Mr. Al Noaimi believes that Hodges and Harris were warned not to withhold meals and to provide more water to him. Hodges and Harris thereafter retaliated by threatening Mr. Al Noaimi and throwing rocks at him.

On one occasion, Mr. Al Noaimi and twenty other detainees were blindfolded and shackled in a row by MPs. The detainees were forced to kneel on the ground. Mr. Al Noaimi heard the MPs' zippers being unzipped and heard laughter. He then felt liquid on his head. He was unable to determine whether the MPs had urinated on him or had merely pretended to do so. He also witnessed detainees being bitten by dogs in Kandahar.

1. Medical Treatment in Afghanistan

Mr. Al Noaimi suffered from a urinary tract infection while in Kandahar. When he requested treatment, an MP responded, "quit fucking your buddies." After several days of having a fever, being unable to eat and vomiting, Mr. Al Noaimi was taken to a clinic. The doctor who examined Mr. Al Noaimi asked an MP if the MP wanted to insert an IV into Mr. Al Noaimi. With both the MP and the doctor laughing, the MP was allowed to perform this medical procedure and caused Mr. Al Noaimi to bleed from his arm.

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The doctor returned Mr. Al Noaimi to the tent despite the fact that he remained sick. In the tent, Mr. Al Noaimi lost consciousness and was taken once more to the clinic. There he was told he needed rest, but was returned again to his tent where he and other detainees were repeatedly ordered out of bed and made to go outside to kneel on the ground. Due to his illness it was difficult for Mr. Al Noaimi to kneel, but if he started to lean over the MPs kicked him in the back.

One doctor encouraged Mr. Al Noaimi to eat and provided Gatorade but Mr. Al Noaimi was too ill to eat. The soldiers placed him in a cell by himself, purportedly to prevent his infecting others. His requests to be removed from isolation were denied. Despite having yellow eyes and blood in his urine, the medical staff ignored Mr. Al Noaimi while in isolation.

Mr, Al Noaimi remained in isolation for approximately 50 days. While in isolation, Mr. Al Noaimi told a doctor that he was vomiting at night The doctor responded, "you're about to die and there's nothing we can do for you."

B. The Trip to Guantanamo Bay

Mr. Al Noaimi was flown to Guantanamo Bay in June 2002. He was handcuffed and shackled for the entire flight. During the trip, he had severe pain in his bladder due to the urinary tract infection. When he complained about the pain, U.S. military personnel laughed at him. He asked for water and was given a cup with a thin straw but an MP pinched the straw so that no water could be drawn from the cup.

The MPs initially refused to allow Mr. Al Noaimi to use the toilet despite the fact that his bladder was burning and he had diarrhea. When they eventually relented, he was not allowed to wipe himself after using the bathroom.

C. Conditions in Camp Delta

Within his first few days at Guantanamo, Mr. Al Noaimi was injected with an unknown substance which made him depressed and despondent He was unable to control his thoughts and his mind raced. He also was unable to control his body and fell to the floor. Mr. Al Noaimi was asked if he wanted to hurt himself and he replied that he did not. He was asked if he wanted to be shot and he replied, "go ahead." Mr. Al Noaimi was then put in isolation for three days. Isolation consisted of a freezing cold metal cell without blankets. Bright lights were kept on constantly and he was awakened every hour. The medical staff also administered an unknown medicine to Mr. Al Noaimi that made him feel drunk. After several days he refused to take the medicine.

On one occasion, while Mr. Al Noaimi was in his cell, an MP from Unit 94 threatened to rape him and taunted him by winking and blowing kisses at him. The MP attempted to enter the cell while another MP stood lookout, but either due to a fear of detection or a change of mind, he left the cell and did not carry out his threat.

Female MPs often searched Mr. Al Noaimi and other detainees, touching the detainees' bodies. Mr. Al Noaimi was escorted to interrogations by a female MP from Unit 94. This MP rubbed Mr. Al Noaimi's body, put her head on his shoulder and smiled at him suggestively,

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On Christmas Day 2002 in India Block, during the swing shift, a corpsman came and spoke to Mr. Al Noaimi about another detainee from Bahrain. Upon seeing this, two MPs from Unit 94 approached Mr. Al Noaimi and asked, "who do you think you are, talking to a medic?" The MPs told him to drop to his knees and put his hands on his head. The MPs pushed Mr. Al Noaimi's face to the wall and handcuffed and shackled him. They stepped on the chain of the shackles and tripped Mr. Al Noaimi so that he fell on his face. The MPs then put Mr. Al Noaimi on his knees and told him not to move. Later, a captain came and Mr. Al Noaimi informed the captain of what had occurred. The captain ordered Mr. Al Noaimi to be brought back to his cell.

The MPs returned Mr. Al Noaimi to his cell and told him that he was going to stay in Guantanamo Bay for his whole life. One of the MPs held his fingers in the shape of a gun and pointed it at Mr. Al Noaimi, saying "I'd love to kill you," The MPs repeatedly searched his cell and threw his property on the ground. During the searches, the MPs forced Mr. Al Noaimi to lie on the ground with his face over the toilet bowl.

Mr, Al Noaimi took part in a hunger strike that involved approximately 400 detainees across many cell blocks. The detainees initiated the hunger strike to protest their incarceration and the conditions thereof. Mr. Al Noaimi didn't eat for 11 days and drank no water for several days. He then fell unconscious and was taken for medical care. He was put on an IV for three to four days,

D. Interrogations in Guantanamo Bay

The government subjected Mr. Al Noaimi to countless interrogations. Some interrogators wore military clothing and others wore civilian clothing.At a certain point, Mr. Al Noaimi decided not to speak with interrogators. During his next session, the interrogator yelled at Mr. Al Noaimi for not talking. Mr. Al Noaimi asked, "why am I here?" The interrogator hit the chair in which Mr. Al Noaimi sat and screamed, "you're here because you are a dog. Cages are for dogs like you." The interrogator (who Mr. Al Noaimi believed was of Lebanese origin, based on his accent) told Mr. Al Noaimi that he would be taken to an FBI prison that would "turn him into a woman."

On other occasions he was given pills by the medics without being seen by a doctor. The pills caused him to hear voices and he told the interrogators that he felt like he was losing his mind. They responded, "Yeah, we know."

Numerous times the interrogators shackled Mr. Al Noaimi for hours in an interrogation room that had been made frigid by an air conditioner. Once, the interrogators threatened him saying, "We'regoing to leave you here for hours so that you freeze your ass."

During a certain period two years ago, Mr. Al Noaimi frequently heard crying and screaming from an interrogation room, along with a female laughing. He could also hear the interrogators making derogatory statements about God, including saying, "Where is God now?"

Under duress, and beginning during his confinement in Kandahar, the interrogators forced Mr. Al Noaimi to say that he went to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and for jihad. These statements were not true, but Mr. Al Noaimi said them in an effort to stop the interrogations.

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E. Polygraph Examination

In January or February 2004, Mr. Al Noaimi was given a polygraph examination, which was administered by a purported FBI agent named Theresa. During the polygraph, Mr. Al Noaimi was asked whether he had connections with any terrorist organizations, whether he had received money from such organizations, whether he had played any role in the attacks on the USS Cole in Yemen, whether he had stolen anything for which he would be judged, whether he had ever liedto family or friends, and whether he had done anything against the Koran.

Following the polygraph, Mr, Al Noaimi's shackles were removed. An interrogator named Jade told him that he would be released within 60 days. He was also told that a report had been prepared, concluding that he was not a threat. Mr. Al Noaimi was given general "advice" about leaving the camp, including that he should not allow himself to be used by others.

Mr. Al Noaimi was not seriously interrogated again following the polygraph, although he did meet with individuals who identified themselves as FBI agents, including Theresa, who had administered the polygraph examination. She urged Mr. Al Noaimi to pursue his education in the U.S.