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From a letter to his judges, December 21, 2007

From:- Majid Khan (ISN:- 010020) US Naval Base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, WA D.C. 20355

To:- Judges:- Judith W. Rogers, Merrick B Garland and Thomas B. Griffith, 333 Constituton Avenue, N.W Washington DC 2000[ILLEGIBLE]

Date:- Dec-21-07

Respected Judges:

This is my second letter to you. In this letter, with God's will (Inshallah) I am going to prove that I am a victim of the "War on terror". English is my second language so please forgive my English grammar and spelling mistakes.


The only conclusion I came up with was that, U.S.A goverment made a big mistake by torturing a permanent resident of U.S.A. They had no option but to make me top secret detainee to do coverup on their mistake. Not only that I was resident of U.S.A but I fluently spoke [ILLEGIBLE] English and if I had gone to media to show the world what they did to me then it [ILLEGIBLE] puts a lot of people in Washington in bad spot, possibly for long time in prison. That is the very reason they made me Enemy Combatant, taking away all of my rights. [T]hat is the very reason they made me Top Secret so the public won't know what I got to say about the crime that [B]ush administration had comitted [sic] in name good American people [ILLEGIBLE] in name of so called "War in terror".

For God sake, I am a victim of "War on terror". [P]lease give me justice. [D]on't let them get away with this. [D]on't let them do coverup on that. The future of Constitutional rights are on your hands… please don't be afraid to do the right thing.

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