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French Gitmo detainees want US general quizzed

Daily Times
November 6, 2007

PARIS: Two French ex-detainees at the Guatanamo Bay prison camp have asked French judges to question US General Geoffrey Miller, the camp’s former commander, as part of a probe into allegations of torture and illegal arrest.

Lawyers William Bourdon and Jacques Debray representing the two former prisoners asked investigating judges last month to “summon General Geoffrey Miller as quickly as possible” and consider charges if he fails to cooperate, according to a letter seen by AFP.

The two ex-prisoners, Nizar Sassi and Mourad Benchellali, have filed a complaint for illegal arrest, arbitrary detention and torture after they were captured in Afghanistan in late 2001 and sent to Guantanamo in early 2002.

They were transferred to France in July 2004 and went on trial in 2006 on terrorism charges. Hearings in that trial are due to resume next month.

The lawyers argued that Miller, who ran the detention camp of prisoners taken in the US-led “war on terror” from its 2002 opening until 2003, had a “personal responsibility” in the management of Guantanamo “in total violation of international law and French law.” afp

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