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Vital organs missing from repatriated body: family
by Mariam Al Hakeem
June 21, 2006

Riyadh: The US authorities had allegedly taken out the brain, heart, liver and kidney from the body of Manie Bin Shaman Al Otaibi, who died at the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay.

"This was presumably to hide the real cause of the death," said Mohammad Al Otaibi, Manie's cousin, whose body underwent medical tests and an autopsy at the Riyadh Central Hospital after being brought home recently. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Al Otaibi said his family had refused to receive the body of Manie before knowing the real cause of death.

Talal Al Zahrani, father of Yasser, the second victim, also refused to receive the body of his son. He said the hospital authorities informed him that the results of medical tests and autopsy will be made known within four days.

Meanwhile, medical sources in Riyadh said that there is a possibility of the body getting decomposed even after undergoing the process of embalming as a chemical substance that is applied after death at the prison camp causes it to decay rapidly.

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