R. Depriving a Detainee of Food or Water

Six FBI agents reported that they saw or heard about detainees who were deprived of food or water, although some of them were citing instances in which detainees simply said they were hungry. According to the Church Report, denial of basic human needs such as food was always prohibited at GTMO. The Church investigators did not find any violations of this prohibition at GTMO. Church Report at 35, 106, 155, 173-4.

Two agents stated that detainees were likely deprived of food or water during periods of extended shackling. The incidents they reported are described in detail in Section II.B above. In addition, an FBI Intelligence Analyst said that she heard from agents at GTMO that water and certain food items were used as bargaining tools in interviews. She said that she heard that in some interviews if the detainee asked for water the agent would say "first you have to give me some information then I will get you some water." She added that agents would let the detainees have snacks or cigarettes if the detainees would first give them some information. She also stated that this technique was used by the FBI, NCIS, CID, CIA, and the U.S. military.153


153. The FBI has stated that this technique falls short of "depriving" a detainee of food or water.

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