N. Placing Women's Clothing on a Detainee

Four FBI agents deployed to GTMO reported that they heard about military personnel placing women's clothing on detainees, although none of them personally witnessed this conduct.

One agent described an incident involving detainee Yussef Mohammed Mubarak Al-Shihri (#114) during March to May of 2003. The agent stated that he and another FBI agent were building rapport with Al-Shihri over the course of three interviews, but that during their fourth interview Al-Shihri told them that "the mean ladies" came and got him from his cell in the middle of the night and interrogated him for hours. Al-Shihri said that during this interrogation he was also forced to listen to a recorded loop of the "meow mix" jingle for hours, was sprayed with perfume, and had a woman's dress draped on him. The agent told us he confronted a young female military intelligence contract interrogator whose name was unknown. She admitted to "poaching" his detainee and subjecting him to the treatment that he had alleged. The agent told us that after this incident Al-Shihri became uncooperative and that the techniques employed on Al-Shihri were counterproductive. The agent said he did not report this incident to the OSC at GTMO at the time or describe it in his FD-302 interview summaries for Al-Shihri.147

Other FBI employees told us they heard rumors of the use of women's clothing on detainees. An FBI Investigative Support Specialist said that while at GTMO he heard rumors that a detainee was forced to wear women's clothing and makeup during an interrogation and that this same detainee was also given a "lap-dance" by a female guard. An FBI Intelligence Analyst told us that while at a social function at GTMO she was told that a female military interrogator placed women's undergarments on a detainee during an interrogation. The analyst said that it was obvious to her that this was done to humiliate and demean the detainee. The analyst was also told that the female military interrogator performed a lap dance on this same detainee during the same interrogation.148


147. Another detainee told us that an FBI agent made him put on a woman's coat that had perfume on it, and that when he took it off he smelled like the perfume. We address this matter in Part IV of Chapter Eleven.

148. As noted in Chapter Five and confirmed in the Schmidt-Furlow Report, in late 2002 military interrogators forced Al-Qahtani to wear women's clothing in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass him.

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