M. Forced Cell Extractions

During an OIG visit to GTMO in April 2005, military officials advised that detainees held at GTMO were not allowed to refuse to report to any interviews or interrogations scheduled by any of the intelligence agencies. OIG investigators were told that if a detainee refused to attend an interview, he was subject to being forcibly removed by a special team of soldiers from the Joint Detention Operations Group (JDOG). In April 2005 the noncommissioned officer in charge of detention operations told the OIG that the extraction would be performed by a seven-man team consisting of one medical person, one person designated to video tape the extraction, and five people to perform the extraction. However, during an OIG visit to GTMO in February 2007, military officials advised that this policy had changed and that detainees are no longer required to attend interrogation or interview sessions with the various intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Several FBI agents confirmed that forced cell extractions were used when detainees refused to comply with guard instructions. None of the agents we interviewed reported that forced cell extractions were used as an interrogation technique to break down a detainee.

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