E. Use of Working Dogs

We found no evidence of any FBI employees involved in the use of military working dogs in any fashion. Several agents described the use of dogs by the military, however. Secretary Rumsfeld's December 2, 2002, memorandum explicitly approved the exploitation of a detainee's individual phobias (such as fear of dogs) as an interrogation technique at GTMO. Church Report at 116. This technique was one of those for which approval was rescinded on January 12, 2003, however. Id. at 118-121.

Several FBI agents reported that military dogs were used at GTMO for purposes other than interrogations, including for the purpose of controlling or intimidating detainees when they arrived at GTMO.

In addition, as detailed in Chapter Five, SSAs Lyle and Foy from the FBI's Behavioral Assessment Unit (BAU) reported that they witnessed the use of a military dog to interrogate AI-Qahtani during the fall of 2002.135 Several other agents stated in survey responses or interviews that they heard about the incident with the dog and AI-Qahtani, but that they did not witness it personally. The information they provided was generally consistent with the accounts given by Lyle and Foy. No other FBI agents reported the use of dogs during interrogations of any other detainees.


135. Lyle and Foy are pseudonyms.

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