D. Extreme Temperatures

Approximately 29 agents provided information to the OIG regarding the use of extreme temperatures on detainees at GTMO. Some agents simply observed that most interview rooms were cold. In a few cases however, it appears that detainees were intentionally subjected to extreme temperatures by unknown interrogators in an apparent effort to break the detainees' resolve to resist cooperating. As noted above, several agents reported the use of extreme temperatures in conjunction with prolonged short-shackling.

FBI agent observations regarding this technique were confirmed by the Church Report, which found that "environmental manipulation has been regularly employed throughout interrogation operations at GTMO. By far the most common version of this technique involved turning the air conditioning up in the interrogation room to induce moderate discomfort in the detainees, most of whom are accustomed to warm climates." Church Report at 171. According to the Church Report, environmental manipulation was not specifically addressed in a military interrogation policy for GTMO until it was listed as an approved technique in the April 16, 2003, Policy. Id. at 138, 155.

Although temperature manipulation was an approved military technique, FBI agents told us that they avoided using this technique in connection with their interviews. One agent stated that the FBI OSC at GTMO told agents deployed to GTMO that the FBI was "not in that business."

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