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Zia ul Shah: Allegations of Abuse

p. 20004:

There was a guy named Massoud and he said sir down here and in a few minutes you can go. He put me in a room with a door on the side. He said sit down and eat your dinner. He asked me where I was from and I said Pakistan. He kept me there for 5 days. Then after 5 days, it was about the twelfth of Ramadan, and he came and tied up my hands in the back and took me to a [different] place. There was a guy named Raees. He turned me over to him and got some money for me. Raees took me to another place and he handed me over to another guy and got some more money for me. Then that person was beating me up everyday and we heard the Americans were coming, [my captor] told me I better tell this to Americans. Then when the Americans came everything was fine. I remember that the Americans beat me up a little bit also. Not like [my other captors] did. [The Americans] broke my nose…you can see that bone is fractured (The Detainee points to his nose).

p. 20008-20009:

Presiding Officer: You mentioned that the Americans broke your nose was that uniformed Americans or people in civilian clothes?

Detainee: First, Massoud’s people beat me up and made my nose bleed. The [next] morning an American came, he was wearing a camouflage uniform and he was a very hefty guy, and he beat me up and broke my nose. When they brought me to Kandahar, my hands were tied up in the back, they threw me on the floor, and I fell face down and four people were sitting on me and one guy was hitting me on my head. Then, I consulted the doctor over there and he asked [about my injuries]. He didn’t give me any medicine or anything. After two years, he asked if he should do surgery and I told them no I didn’t have any pain or anything.

Presiding Officer: Do you recall the year you were being questioned or interrogated by those Americans?

Detainee: Last year, the previous year…I just remember I left my home and went to…

Presiding Officer: Left me rephrase that question. When your nose was broken was that here or before you came to Cuba?

Detainee: First it was in Mazar-e-Sharif and then in Qutar.