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Yasin Qasem Muhammad Ismail: Allegations of Abuse in his CSRT

pg. 2610:

Detainee: I will talk with you as long as you guarantee me there will be no torture.  If it will affect my safety I will say nothing.

 Tribunal President: We will guarantee there will be no torture.

 pg. 2611:

Detainee: […] From there they sold me to the Americans.  I was afraid in the beginning, because whenever we spoke to the interrogators we were punished.  We were hit and tortured.  Not only did I get hit and punched they broke my nose.  The Americans did this to me.  When I arrived in Cuba, I got hit in the place where we eat.  I got hit on the shoulder and it was very painful, it was dislocated or something.  They threatened to break it monthly even when I got to Cuba they told me I would be here for a long time.

pg. 2614-2615:

 Q.: When you got here in Cuba from Afghanistan, you stated you were tortured here?

 A.: Yes, I still use the medication for my shoulder.

Q.: You were hit in the shoulder one time?

A.: More than that.  When they brought me here they tied my foot to my back and they threw me on my face.  I feel there is something torn in my shoulder from the way I was laying on the floor.

Q.: Did you receive medical treatment here?

 A.: I got treatment for the first two weeks I was here.

 Q.: But since that incident there has been no other torture?

 A.: I haven't but I have seen other people in the camp mistreated and tortured and that affects me psychologically.  I was afraid for my life.  When the interrogators asked if I was Al-Qaida I would say yes to avoid the torture.