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Yasim Muhammed Basardah: Allegations of Abuse

p. 2932

Personal Representative: During our session also he relayed to me some of the things about being in this camp.  Number one, he has cooperated his entire stay while here.  He was actually over in Camp 4 and prior to Ramadan, he was beaten by other Detainees who believe he is a spy.  He wanted to be moved to this camp.  He continues to be cooperative.  In the other, he was threatened many times to be killed by other Detainees.

Detainee: The latest threat, I just received this passed Saturday.

Personal Representative: You (the Detainee) also stated to me that you have been truthful for your time here.  That you are not an enemy nor have you ever been against America and that you eventually want to be a refugee and live in America.  You have no bad or ill feeling against America.  Ma'am, that is the essence of the notes from our 4 November meeting.  Would you like to add anything (to the Detainee)?

Detainee: I want to mention that these threats against my life are continuously happening from the Detainees here.  From some high ranking Detainees.  Me going to Afghanistan, my main motivation was money because they give money to people who go and fight, that was my main motivation.  I have no grudge or no hatred against America or any other country.  All my life I never thought I would have hatred against European country or any other country.

p. 2937

Detainee: The threats started are related to the classified information I gave during the interrogations. That information was about high level people in al Qaida.