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Walid Mohammad Haj Mohammad Ali: Allegations of Abuse, ARB2

Page 2059

Detainee: <…> I was hit with a bullet while I was cuffed/tied up and after that the Americans came and took us to Kandahar and later to Cuba. And you have two movies about Al-Janki castle and Dostum’s men firing at us and those two movies are here in Cuba and I have seen one of the movies myself. The movie is about two hours long. The bullet is in my stomach until now, I suffer pain until now, and I have been asking for clinic help for three years and I haven’t had any answer from them <…>

Presiding Officer: Are you saying that you have been asking for medical treatment and you have not been given medical treatment for the bullet that’s in your body?

Detainee: Three years I’ve been asking for the doctor to tell me are they going to be able to take the bullet [out] or are they not able to take the bullet? Or tell me an answer about my case or my bullet but [after] three years they haven’t given me any answers back.

Presiding Officer: I understand. DMO, just please make note of that and pass that information on.

Assisting Military Officer (for detainee): That issue, when it surfaced in the interview, was run up through our chain of command and they’re working on it.

Page 2060

Presiding Officer: They’re working on it? So that has already been passed on?

Designated Military Officer: Sir, I’ll raise that again to add the force of numbers and try and get a response.

Presiding Officer: Do you have anything further to add?

Detainee: I don’t want the issue about the bullet to be ignored. Please, I just wanted to know why they haven’t taken the bullet out, why it’s still there. I just want to know. I want an answer so I won’t be asking this over and over again.


Yes, I was shot with a bullet, which is inside my stomach between my kidney and my liver, and I suffer from severe pains since that time. And I ask from the clinic every week to look into my issue/matter but there isn’t any reply/answer from them.


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