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Sultan Sari Sayel al Anazi: Allegations of Abuse

pp. 000435-000436:

Detainee Statement

In the name of God, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

Praise be to God, and peace and prayers be upon the noblest of the prophets and messengers, our master Mohammed, May God's peace and Prayers be upon him and I bear witness that there is no god but God aud that Mohammed is God's prophet.

And here now:

Peace be upon those who follow the right path to the Review Board for Detainees. I am writing these words for you from the deepest part of me and from my feeling that God, the Great and Almighty. will bring me out of this captivity because I am a person who is innocent of these groundless/false accusations that have no truth to them. And I tell you that I have endured torture and humiliation in every aspect, in my religion and my self, and other matters of torture and humiliations. So I am telling you that I am innocent of these baseless/false accusations and they have been put forth against me by persons that I do not know who may want to get out of this prison by lying and by spreading false accusations and if I had said anything other than these words, it is a lie and there is not truth to it, or if I said that I had entered Afghanistan or if I had been accused of having committed a terrorist act, then this is false and has no truth to it, and it is a result of the torture and hardship that I endured from American interrogators in the American base in Afghanistan. And I am telling you after I had made sure that this Administrative Review Board for Detainees was genuine and that there would be a restoration of human rights and that the injustice will be lifted from the wronged in this captivity because of the detention without reason for a period of close to three years and a half in this island of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay.

And now I am cooperating with this board and I am writing my statement and I am clarifying to you the right from the wron and perhaps it will bring freedom from God, the Great aud Almighty. And I am telling you and the whole world that I am innocent of these accusations and that this period in which I was imprisoned by the Americans, they did not have the right to detain me in this prison. And I was kidnapped by an Afghani or Pakistani gang, as was made clear to you by the Assisting Officer. And these false accusations that have no truth to them the Americans have put them forth maybe so that I would drown/become implicated in this case/matter that I have nothing to do with. And I am saying to the Administrative Review Board that the interrogators that interrogated me in the American bases in Afghanistan, they dealt with me in the most horrid ways and the most horrid methods of torture and I endured torture in these American bases. And I am repeating to you and telling you that I am innocent of these accusations and I say it once and twice and three times so that any person on the outside will hear me and will feel what I have suffered in these prisons and the persecutions against us in every matter of digesting [sic] human rights. And when I was sold by the Afghani or Pakistani gangs who sold me for close to 5000 American Dollars and when we were handed over to the American Forces and interrogated, they could not find any accusations against me and I don't have any relationship or association with AI Qaeda or the Taliban. So for this reason they put forth these accusations that are in your bands and also the dealings of the American Forces with people who are detained with us and who want to get out of here on our shoulders (translator’s note: expression meaning “at our expense”) and use us as a doorstep to get out of this captivity. And I don't think that a matter like this could get past American intelligence and that they would not know who the real criminal is. And that is a simple explanation for my predicament and I am not good with words or with pleading my defense. But this is what I was capable of, in these simple words. And I implore God, the Great and Almighty, to break my chains (translator’s note: expression meaning “set me free”) and the chains of all those who are innocent and there is no power or strength except through God, the Great and Almighty.

Now regarding the Americans, I do not hold in my heart or my soul or my thoughts any hostility against them or any one of them. On the contrary, they are a nation that wants peace and wishes for peace and security on this earth. And the Americans do not like to be unjust towards anyone, it is a misunderstanding with the interrogators who were in Afghanistan and perhaps it was an independent action by some individuals and this was all a misunderstanding with the American Forces. Because what happened to the United States ofAmerica was not easy on the mind or the soul and this action we do not agree with at all because this action wronged women and children and older people and innocent people. And if there is hostility between Al Qaeda and the United States of America, then they should not kill women and children and the elderly. And this is unacceptable to any person or any human being with compassion and mercy. And regarding, God willing, if I was released from this captivity, I will get a job first of all in my country and get married to a woman with whom there is compatibility, and serving my dear mother, because I love her dearly and she loves me, and I will tend to her needs and take care of my sisters until they get married because they don't have anyone after God but me because all my brothers are married, and I wil1live without any problems for us or others and I will not leave my country after this affair. And that is in very brief summary. Because as I said I am not good with words but that is what is in my mind and my soul.

And we will close this statement with praise to God, the Great and Almighty, and thanks to him and for his blessings upon us, for he does not forsake his faithful servants. This and Praise be to God, and peace and prayers be upon the noblest of the prophets and messengers, our master Mohammed, May God’s peace and prayers be upon him.

And thank you.

Presented by/Sultan Sari Sayel Al Anazi

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