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Sulaiman Awath Sulaiman Bin Ageel al Nahdi: Allegations of Abuse

p. 20521:

Detainee: I am hoping to leave this place to live like a normal human being. Since I have been here I have not had any problems with the soldiers here. The only problem I have had was when I was told about my mother’s death. When I was told about my mother’s death a soldier made an insult about my mother’s death. The soldier was making fun of my situation. I threw some juice on the soldier. That is the only time I have had any problems while I have been detained here […] Military soldiers sometimes have their days when they get upset or angry; we [the detainees] just have to take it.

p. 20522:

Presiding Officer: I would like to note for the record that the Review Board has conducted a questioning session to make a determination as to whether or not there would be a necessity to report an allegation of abuse.

Detainee: Sometimes but not always, the soldiers come in and start it [harassing detainees].

Presiding Officer: Do the soldiers say disrespectful words to you?

Detainee: Sometimes there is a lot of injustice [in the detention facility]. If one detainee throws something all the detainees get punished instead of just the one who threw something or started the trouble. All the detainees are treated the same as a detainee who starts trouble or who throws things.