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Shokuri: Allegations of Abuse, ARB, 2006

Page 2128


When they brought us here from Kandahar to Cuba, next to me was a person named Abdul Raheem al Suri. He was a mentally ill person and was detained because he was a spy in Afghanistan. I was astonished because this man spoke about me during his interrogations. The female interrogator that conducted his interrogation showed him a photo album and was somewhat torturing him by revealing her chest. When he saw my picture, he stated that he knew me and that I was a Tunisian named Abu Mohammed and that he saw me at al Farouq Training Camp […] This man was detained in 1997. He does not know the area that well and I was not there either. That same man

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stated that he would go back to the interrogators and tell them that he had not seen me at that camp. There were people next to us and they heard him say that.