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Sabri Mohammed Ebrahim al Qurashi: Allegations of Abuse


“They asked me to tell my story. I told them my story about my mission…coming to Afghanistan to teach Islamic rule. The Pakistanis told me after I gave them my whole story…they told me the American interrogators are going to ask [your story] and they are not going to believe what you [have told us]. You [will say] you went for Jihad and to fight for the Taliban. They said they would force me to say this. [I asked them] why [they] were forcing me to say what [they] want me to say? They said because the Americans…if you don’t say what we are saying to you…you know there are no rules or system to defend you. We will start torturing you until you say what we are telling you to say to the [Americans] […] The only thing that made me agree with them was that I knew [they had tortured some people with us], and this made me nervous. This is my story.”