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Ruhani: Allegations of Abuse

page 2003


It was the end of 2001, when the Americans captured me, I was sent first to Bagram. Then I was transferred to Kandahar; after that, through very hard times and problems I got kidnapped from Kandahar and in a very problematic way that I did not expect from the Americans. I heard that the Americans followed human rights. They always spoke about it, but the way they brought me here and treated me kind of shocked me. They brought me to Cuba by plane. From the time I was kidnapped, I have been tortured. They have been cruel to me and they have disrespected me.


page 2009

I don’t know the reason but I do know there has been a lot of cruelty toward me since I have been detained. For so many years without doing anything or saying anything against the Americans, I have spent many years in this detention camp without solid proof and in harsh conditions.


I do not have the other papers that I was supposed to bring. The guards did not give me enough time. I have nothing else to say.


page 2011

Presiding Officer: You claimed you were abused and tortured at some point after you were captured. Can you explain that for us in further detail?
Detainee (through translator): No comments, Sir. I have already said this in the past.

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