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Rafiq bin Bashir bin Jalud al Hami: Allegations of Abuse

p. 922

4.d. Detainee recanted attendance/training at Khalden camp. Detainee stated he was tortured and beaten daily, and that the translator told the Detainee that he would be killed if he did not confess to attendance at the camp. Detainee stated he confessed to stop the beatings and save his life.

Detainee: Yes.

p. 925

Q. Do you know who beat you when you were made to confess about the incidents around the Khalden Camp?

A. Which camp?

Q. I’m trying to reference when you recanted attending the Khalden Camp. It states that you were tortured and beaten daily and you were told that you would be killed if you did not confess attendance at the Khalden Camp I presume.Assisting Military Officer: Are you asking where the torture occurred? I don’t understand the question myself.

Q. Who tortured you and where was it?

A. I don’t understand can you repeat the question?

Q. Where was the torture? You said it wasn’t here.

A. In Arganza (ph).

Q. By who?

A. I was in an Afghan prison but the interrogation was done by Americans. I was there for about a one-year period transferring from one place to another. I was tortured for about three months in a prison called the Prison of Darkness or the Dark Prison.

Q. You stated that you were tortured to confess that you were actually at this camp?

A. Yes.