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Musab Omar Ali al Mudwani: Allegations of Abuse

p. 21055

Board Member: Do you feel like you have told [the investigators] everything? Are you holding anything back from [the] investigators? Have you told everything you know?

Detainee: That is impossible because before I came to the prison in Guantanamo Bay I was in another prison in Afghanistan, under the ground [and] it was very dark. It was total[ly] dark, under torturing [and] without sleep. It was impossible that I could get out of there alive. I was really beaten and tortured.

Presiding Officer: Was that an Afghan prison or an American prison?

Detainee: They were Arab investigators but they were Americans at the same time, Arab-Americans.

Presiding Officer: Arabs and Americans and not Afghans and Americans?

Detainee: They were Afghan soldiers but there were other Arab-Americans.