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Muhamed Hussein Abdallah: Allegations of Abuse

p. 20873

[…] I am a man who reached 60 years of age. Suffering from many illnesses and vision weaknesses thank God for that […] How come I don’t receive any letters just like the rest of the detainees? And tell me what did I commit in order to be treated this way? And also I would like to tell you that I have been through a lot of crisis and hardship since I was in prison in Pakistan. I was sent to Bagram prison, the place which nobody had any consideration for my age and weakness. I was treated very badly. I was subjected to mental and physical abuse. And when I questioned the investigator about this abuse, why are you doing this, they used to make fun of me and say, “Do you still have energy?” After that, I was sent to this Island, where I received worst treatment, worse th[a]n a lo[]t of the other detainees. I was treated and threatened badly. My illness got worse[] and I had never received any medical car. Now I am suffering with vision loss and sharp pain in my teeth […] When I asked repetitively during my imprisonment in Pakistan, what is the cause of my detention" The answer was, "we don't know" […] I felt strange when they transferred me to Bagram, and I used to ask, "What is my fault?" I was treated with all sarcasm and the answer was, "you don't know?" […] When I came to Cuba […] when I used to ask, "what do you want from me?" they said, "you are an old man, you must know a lot[] of thing[s]".