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Mohammed Mustafa Sohail: Allegations of Abuse


Detainee: The problem is when they arrested me and put a pistol in my mouth, pushed and beat me in Afghanistan. They were all American interrogators. I know one of the guys. He was an American and his name was [REDACTED]. He interrogated me in Kabul. When he asked me to give him information like who I worked for? I told him the Americans, my officers, I do not work for anyone else. At that time they started beating me and they put a pistol I my mouth. I got scared and started making up stories. The other stuff here are all lies.

Board Members: So these were American interrogators that were questioning you?

Detainee: Yes.

p. 21602

Designated Military Officer: The detainee claims that the confession regarding him providing classified information is false and coerced.

Detainee: Which I explained to you before. They put a pistol in my mouth; they beat and pushed me so I made up a story.