Majid Khan: Allegation of Abuse

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Exhibit D-b. MAJID KHAN written Statement of Torture for Combatant Status Review Tribunal taken March 2007 by PR3. [REDACTED]

For me things got better [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] I am brought to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I swear to God this place in some sense worst than CIA jails. I am being mentally torture [sic] here, [REDACTED].


Since I got here, I have tried to cut my artery which goes through my elbow, on January 12th, 07, and again on February 22nd, 07. I went on hunger strike for four weeks on January 2nd, 07, and lost almost thirty pounds. And I have already spent two and half [sic] month in disciplinary status without comfort, incentive items, and sometimes even without basic items. On 28 November 2006, I wrote on my walls, "Stop torturing to me [sic]--stop torturing me; I need newspaper, my lawyer, and my mail, etc." I don't cooperate with them until they would treat me as human and until they would stop mentally torturing me.


My real problem with this administration where I am staying right now, that they are corrupt and some of guards [sic], supervisors, and manager who may be DoD contractor today, [REDACTED].

Since these guards managers hate me [REDACTED], that what caused me to do or they call it act out [sic]. They are getten--getting even with me here under DoD, and making me suffer by mentally torturing me. They know my weaknesses--what drive [sic] me crazy and what doesn't. [REDACTED]. In following paragraph [sic], I am writing facts about DoD and how they are abusing their powers, and there is no check and balance system. Even the doctor, medic, and Naval people are in this together, meaning that they are manipulators and corrupt. There is extensive torture even for the smallest of infractions.


On October 6th, 06, ICRC [= the International Committee of the Red Cross] gave me my only daughter pictures which was born after my abduction. I left my wife pregnant but didn't know the sex of the baby until ICRC told me about her. So anyway, when I took this picture and came back to my camp building, the guard forcibly took it from me. Then I went crazy and yelled for one hour and they ignored me as if they

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didn't know I was yelling and waited until they can send their reports; until next day, 1:00 PM they took all my incentive items comfort items, until October 16th, 06. Again, they can't do this. They should have put--they should have put me disciplinary status since each time they put me disciplinary status they have to report to camp leadership, and they didn't wanted [sic] to do that because then they had to explain why they took my baby pictures, etc.

On October 23rd, 2006, I went on thirst strike. Each time I refused to eat, they slowly took my incentive and comfort item one by one. Until I broke my strike and the same night I got my stuff back, meaning on 25--on October 25th, 06.

On November 2nd, 06, they gave me new wrong prescription eyeglasses to wear. Also wrong frame which don't fit my nose. I took it and when I try to wear it, they made my eyes hurt and head spin. The prescription was way off. They knew I am practically blind without my glasses and knew exactly how to hurt me. Anyway, so I didn't wear it. I kept--I kept wearing old one, the one I am wearing right now. After four days, they forcibly took my old glasses and made me wear new one, but I protested and then I got it back next day.

On November 13th, 06, I tore a disposable cup and playing card cover to throw them away as trash, but guards again took my incentive and comfort item without explanation. Then I decided to protest on November 15th, 06. I refused to return breakfast tray and they ignored me until 1:00 PM and they didn't give me my lunch that day. After 1:00 PM, the guard came forcibly inside my cell, never gave me a chance to be shackled down on my own. I never refused to be shackled; they just came in with eight guards and took me to main rec and forcibly shaved my beard to humiliate me and offend my religion. While they were shaving my beard, the female Navy head of Psychiatrist [sic] was watching the whole thing.

Then they put me for first time in orange clothes and three days of disciplinary [status?] two and another three days for disciplinary status one. Next day early in the morning, they moved me from cell B13 to cell A16. This cell is attach [sic] to main rec door's wall. Somehow it is easy to do cover-up on A16 because if I do anything unusual they make main rec occupied as if A16 is occupied. Since A16 and main rec [are] both linked to the same wall, it is somehow easy from them to manipulate A16 to main rec activities. The second reason they moved me to A16 is because to drive me crazy. Whenever they close main rec door or whenever they play games with main rec door, it just make big out loud noise in my cell. They have since moved me to A14 on 6 April 2007.

On November 28th, 06, I wrote on my walls stop, "torturing me, I need my

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mails, newspaper, and my lawyer." Then they put me on D1 [= disciplinary one?] status for only two days, but took my writing pen for two weeks. They cleaned my walls the same day, but some marks are still there. This happened in cell A16.

On January 2nd, 07, I was on hunger strike way before than this date [sic], but they officially put me on strike on January 2nd. But next day, to make me eat [on] my own, they left me with only one basic item and no sunlight and fresh air until I break my strike. I didn't break any rule; I was just simply practicing my rights by going on hunger strike. Anyway, days passed like this, but eventually I got frustrated and chewed my artery which goes through my elbow on January 11th, 07. But I never broke my hunger strike until January 29th, 07, after they tricked me or lied to me. On January 11th, 07, I also refused to get medical assistance, by giving them vital signs, because I was told by doctor that I had right to refuse to get medical assistance [sic]. But they never told me I have no right of refuse when I am on hunger strike, but by then it was too late. But anyhow, I wanted to be disciplinary status cause I had a feeling that this administration is doing cover-up on my strike. I was hoping when camp leadership steps in, they will know that I am on hunger strike and maybe they will come to talk to me what my problems were and why I was on hunger strike. The reasons I was on hunger strike is that I wanted to go back to Pakistan or charged. Until then, treat me with respect like CIA did in [the] last ten months before my arrival. Later I found out it was camp leadership doing the cover-up. I was told by the head psychiatrist that the maximum a person can get in D [= disciplinary?] status was six days. So knowing all the consequences, I decided to refuse to be shackled and refused to give my vital signs the next day. But in return, they put one IV in me and forcibly shaved my beard again, but again they still didn't put me in D status. Then, again, next day, I refused to be shackled and refused to give my vital signs. But this time I finally got in D status, but three weeks in D2 status and another three weeks in D1 status. Instead of six days, I got six weeks in D status. If I had known that, if they hadn't lied to me, I would not have refused to be shackled.

Note: They clearly lied to me. They could have always taken me vital signs from door's window without coming in my cell [sic]. But they wanted to make this disciplinary issue so they can put me in D2 status. Meaning I was on disciplinary status not because I refused to get medical assistance but because I refused to be shackled in my cell and the only reason I refused to be shackled in my cell because I wasn't cooperating with medic [sic] because I was on hunger strike.

Now if you check the database and the last report of disciplinary status, it doesn't say anything about me refusing medic because if it did then they had to explain why and everything about my strike. All I am saying is that they did the cover-up on my strike by making it as if I was only dieting or since they tricked me to go to D2 status for long time because they were suppose [sic]

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to give us finger food which is very low in calories and carbohydrates, etc. And because of finger food I lost more than twenty-five pounds. But in reality I was on hunger strike. When I was on hunger strike, they forcibly put IVs with potassium, glucose, sodium, etc. This left three big bruises for about two weeks.

On January 29th, 07, I broke my strike because they tricked me by saying that a team from Washington is coming to meet you specially and gave me an impression as if they are coming to talk to me about my issues and strike or even my lawyers, but actually they were FBI to whom I refuse to talk the very next day.

Before I write father [sic], let me tell you why they do these things to me. It's not entirely their fault; it just that I don't cooperate, volunteer, ask for things nor give my things my own.

Since I don't do anything […] above things I just mentioned, they have to do cover-up or make it as if I'm cooperating. Now if I am not cooperating, they got to at least make sure I don't act out or I don't do some unpleasant or unusual things. If, for example, I do unusual act [sic], then they need to see me cooperating with medic, voluntarily giving or taking things my own. If that doesn't work, then they take my amenities, one way or other [sic], to do cover-up on that unusual act. If that doesn't work, they would put me in disciplinary status and take my personal belongings, shave beard or take my blood test or see me in pain or give things from inside my body, like body weight, etc. Another option is to make that unusual act of mine, like yelling, not eating, my complaints, a normal act. To do that, they will make sure someone else will do the same act. For example, if I yell, they will make sure some other Detainee will also yell. The very last option they have is to take me out of the building for administrative purposes or for medical purpose, especially in reporting hours. Not only that, to make this act itself a normal act, they will take couple more Detainees with me to other building, as if was a routine process, just like they did on January 2nd, February 14th, 07, etc.

They don't do this every day. They only do this on special reporting, hours, days, weeks, and even month [sic]. Anyway, they have a thousand ways to make sure as if Detainee is volunteering and everything is good up here.

February 1, 07, the dentist did some filling in my tooth, but she didn't do it right so I will be in pain and so I will get painkillers from medic. So it will seem like I am cooperating and working with medic. But when my pain got worse, instead asking for painkillers, I yelled and finally she did refilling on February 18th, 2007.

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February 22, 07, I chewed my artery again. Medic cleaned my wound.

February […] 23rd, 2007, I got my stuff back after six weeks.

February 26th, 07, they took some of incentive and comfort items, telling me that they are afraid as if I am going to hurt myself and they returned them on March 3rd, 2007. But never put me in disciplinary status.


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Exhibit D-c. MAJID KHAN Oral Statement of Torture for Combatant Status Review Tribunal taken March/April 2007 by PR3. Mister President and Members of the Combatant Status Review Tribunal, thank you for letting me make a statement regarding the torture I received after my kidnapping [REDACTED]


After my arrest, Allah blessed me with only one beautiful daughter, but I have still been unable to talk to her.

Since my arrival at Guantanamo Bay I have been without a communal recreation for eleven weeks all together.

I have had my beard forcibly shaven twice.

On two occasions I choed [sic]--chewed my artery and three times they have made me wear the protective suicide prevention smock for days.

For three weeks, I was without basic, incentive, or comfort items.

For nine weeks, I was without incentive or comfort items.

Four weeks without sunlight and fresh air.

Four weeks straight I went on hunger strike and lost twenty-five pounds. They put nine bags of IVs of sodium, potassium, and glucose mix forcibly in my arm. It left big bruises on my arms for weeks. I was threatened by the medic with nose feeding where they would strap me in a special chair that allows nose [feeding?]--no movement at all--at all for more than ten straight hours each feeding.

There are many more abuses. Please read tort--the report of torture that my Personal Representative has provided to the Board. My statements are 100% true. I can take a lie detector test and I tried to prove in my reports from the fact that these statements are 100% true. I affirm these are my words and the truth as I know it.

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