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Hussein Salem Mohammed: Allegations of Abuse, ARB, 2006

Page 2781

Detainee (through translator): I want to say something. I am sick. I’m sorry that they don’t take care of my health. How long is it going to stay like this? You won’t give me the little things I need for my health. You are sitting across from me and I cannot see you. Is that a nice treatment?

Presiding Officer: Is that a question for us?

Detainee (through translator): Yes.

Presiding Officer: If I understand what you are saying, you’re speaking in literal terms and not tongue-in-cheek?

Detainee (through translator): It was just one question. I am sick. They are not treating me well. You are sitting across from me and I can’t see you. Do you tell me this is a good treatment I am getting? I need a lot of things. I need medical shoes and bandages. I need someone to check me out because I cannot eat, I throw up whatever I eat, and when I go to the bathroom there is always blood there. I want to know why the cold bothers me so much, in my bones. I need olive oil to rub my toes. If you ask me, I can give you my…but when I need something they don’t give it to me.

Presiding Officer: Okay. [ISN 1015], we’re not doctors, but the only <sic> we can do is, I will turn to the DMO and direct the DMO that you are ill and not feeling well, and the DMO will bring that to the attention of the guard force. If you are feeling sick right now, let us know and we can very much shorten the Board. So just let us know if you are feeling sick right now and can’t participate in the board.

Detainee (through translator): So, you’re not talking about my health problem right now, but you need to hear what you want to hear.

Presiding Officer: I don’t quite follow what you’re saying.

Detainee (through translator): You don’t want to hear about my health situation. You don’t want to hear from me. What do you want to hear, the reason why I said this because you want to shorten the time.

Presiding Officer: I will shorten the time because if you’re not feeling well, I’m happy to shorten the time you are here so you can go back to your room.

Page 2782

Presiding Officer (cont.): Remember [ISN 1015], we are just here to make the threat and intelligence assessments and make a recommendation for your detention. We are not here to engage you in philosophy.

Detainee (through translator): This is not a philosophy. Do you call that philosophy when I am asking you about or I’m telling you that I am sick and I need care?

Designated Military Officer: I have taken the details so I can pass it on to the guard force, and they should pass it on to medical.