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Hassan Adel Hussein: Allegations of Abuse, ARB 2005

p. 21266

I have suffered psychologically from imprisonment as well as health-wise.

p. 21268 [Abuse at Bagram]

In Bagram there was also great suffering for me. They beat me at the airport and threw me to the ground. The dogs would grab at my pants and they would laugh at me. They took me and stripped me naked completely. They laughed at a lot in my face. They said look at the American people. They left me for three days not sleeping, standing on my feet. They left me in this state another two weeks by myself. [My hands and legs were bound by chains] until my legs were injured. Even now I suffer from pain in [the left joints of] my feet. I also have suffered here in Cuba. This is the third year of my imprisonment without anything that I have done wrong.