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Emam Abdulahat - Allegations of Abuse

p. 2916

Then there was one American person dressed like an American and said he was representing the President’s house; he said we decided we are going to send you back to China, and he told me to cooperate with the delegation […] The second time, it was 6 p.m., and they kept me until midnight, or six hours.  During that time, they gave me no food; I called for the MP, but they didn’t help […] The third time I was there I fell asleep, and the MP kept making noise every 10-15 minutes to keep me awake all night. During that time, they forcefully took pictures of us and recorded our voices […] I told them I was sick and didn’t feel good because I stayed up all night, but they said I have to go even if I don’t talk […] One interrogator tried to hit me […] After they came here, they took our picture forcefully, and recorded our voices and threatened to hit us and do other things.