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Chaman Nazargul: Allegations of Abuse, ARB, 2006

Detainee (through translator): In the last three years, I did not have and still do not have any problems with any of the soldiers. The last five days they started giving me a hard time and punishing me. The last three years I never refused searching. I told them I haven’t refused and I don’t want to refuse, but the soldier went to the higher officer and told them that I was refusing. They brought ten people. I am not scared of dying I will be happy to die. Why are they giving me a hard time? Why are they treating me bad? I have not done anything. There are detainees that throw number one, cocktails or whatever. I have not done any of these things. Why are they doing this? If I have done anything wrong, just let me know. I was isolated and tied so tight. I don’t know why are they doing this. I asked them why. If I have done anything wrong let me know. I told them to check their computers for the last three years. The computer does not lie. I have not created any problems for you guys. I have not done it. If you treat me that bad, I don’t care. I will be happy to die, I will kill myself. If you create that problem for me and treat me like this, I will kill myself.

Assisting Military Officer: What are your plans and goals for the future?

Detainee: (through translator) I will open a store in my country. If someone let's [sic] me have a job in the Karzai government I will do that. I am just ready to serve Afghanistan. I will serve and protect Afghanistan. I was working for the current government and the last three years I was in jail for nothing. Is this not cruel? My own government, I was on the side of the Americans they captured me and put me here. Is that not cruel? I have not done anything to them. Why are they giving me a hard time? They knock the door, they create problems for me, they don’t leave me to pray or do anything.

For ten days now they lied and wrote down that I cursed the guard and was refusing search, so they wrote me down for 20 days. I said in the last three years I have not refused anything to anybody. If I have, you can punish me. Thank you very much for asking me that question. Check the computer check my behavior and everything, you can see others and mine. Check with the SOG and ask him of my good behavior. Today they transferred me from another block, they shaved my head and they treat me bad. I came from another camp, there was a sink or something that someone else broke. I did not know it was broke and as I touched it I told them it was broke, they told me I did it. Since I came to Cuba, if I have done anything wrong such as breaking a pipe or any of these things. That was a lie and if I am telling a lie that means the whole case was true (pp. 2834-5).