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Bostan Karim - Allegations of Abuse

p. 2224

I have been waiting for this court to tell about all the injustice that has occurred. I didn’t see the sky for six months when I was in Pakistan or Bagram, Afghanistan [...] Why has so much injustice been done to me? My nephew was in prison, and my brother was given a hard time. I was brought to Cuba and wasn’t allowed to sleep […] At one time my weight was 156 and now I weigh 120. There is so much injustice and cruelty.

p. 2226

Q: Have you received any physical abuse since you have been in captivity?

A: For fifteen days in Bagram, I wasn’t allowed to sleep.

Q: Was this in U.S. custody?

A: Yes.

Q: How about since coming here to Cuba?

A: When they brought me from the airport they tied me very tight and put me in a big truck. I almost lost my life because I was getting pulled every which way for a long time. I yelled and told them I was dying. They told me I was almost there. My hands were tied very tight and I was getting pulled back and forth. If it lasted ten more minutes, I would have died. When we reached our destination, they took me to the hospital.