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Baidullah Bertola Obaidullah: Allegations of Abuse

p. 20978

Board Member: […] You said when you were captured you were taken to a facility and you were forced to say things. Who forced you to say things?

Detainee: Americans.

Board Member: How did they force you?

Detainee: The first time when they captured me and brought me to Khowst they put a knife to my throat and said if you don’t tell us the truth and you lie to us we are going to slaughter you.

Board Member: Were they wearing uniforms?

Detainee: Yes.

Board Member: They threatened you, but did they harm you?

Detainee: They did not hurt me, but I was thinking that they would slaughter me. They tied my hands and put a heavy bag of sand on my hands and made me walk all night in the Khowst airport. I became very tired and [let the sand] rest on my belly. In Bagram they gave me more trouble and would not let me sleep. They were standing me on the wall and my hands were hanging above my head. There were a lot things that they made me say.