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Aziz Abdul Naji: Allegations of Abuse, ARB1

page 928

In response to paragraph 3.B, [that] "the Detainee received light weapons training to include Kalashnikov and de-mining training at a Lashgar-E-Taiba (LET) training camp," the Detainee denied receiving training on light weapons or de-

page 929

mining and also stated that while he was a prisoner in Bragram [sic] he was coerced by force and tortured to admit he had received de-mining training […] In response to paragraph 3.D "the Detainee said, "that America and Cuba are 'No Good' and that shooting Americans is good. He then raised his arms and pretended to shoot the MPs working the block," the Detainee remarked that he had made the statement out of frustration from the treatment he had received while being detained. He said that the guards treated him disrespectfully, insulted him and would not let him practice his religion - for example, read the Koran and pray.

page 931

[…] After mixing with other soldiers I found that only a few of the soldiers didn't know how to hold the Koran. They held it (the Koran) in an insulting way. That is why I was thinking that maybe they were against Islam. The way a few of the soldiers were holding the Koran gave me that idea but besides

page 932

that there were other soldiers that were more respectful and that made me think that all the soldiers weren't the same, just a few of the stupid ones were acting that way.