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Al Dosari: Allegations of Abuse, ARB, 2005

Detainee: I’m going to be brief. I was sexually assaulted. Soldiers in Kandahar, through the interrogation, assaulted me. It also happened in camp X-Ray. I went through sexual assault by a woman interrogator.

Presiding Officer: Where did this occur?

Detainee: Here in Cuba. In Kandahar they injected me in my back with gas. A lot of things happened. They hit me and urinated on me while in handcuffs. They made me walk on broken glass and barbwire. One of the interrogators put the Israeli flag and the American flag around my body. The interrogator said a lot of things, but we don’t have time for that. He would throw the Holy Bible on the floor and would take out his penis and urinate on it.

Board Member: This is here [Cuba]?

Detainee: Yes, in Cuba. There are a lot of other things that have happened. Interrogators knew that I was in the United States; they would accuse me of anything. They put the pressure on me through the interrogation. They put me in a dark room for five months. I was drinking water from the tank of the commode <toilet>. I was drinking water from the commode and was washing with water from the commode. The room was very cold and dark. All the time I was in shorts. I did not have anything at all. During the interrogation, the interrogator said if I accepted all the allegations I would have things. Of course, I tried suicide seven times. But I did not do anything. Talking about my travel to Afghanistan, I did not travel for Jihad.

Presiding Officer: Before we get back to the subject, are there any other allegations of abuse?

Detainee: There are a lot of things, but I don’t want to take your time.

Presiding Officer: This is your time.

Detainee: They hit me a lot in Kandahar.

Presiding Officer: Who hit you?

Detainee: American soldiers.

Presiding Officer: Do you have any names?

Detainees: How would I know the names?

Translator: He is going to tell a story.

Detainee: I was injected with the gas. I had an infection and there was bleeding. I asked for a doctor. I mentioned to the doctor that the interrogator had injected me with gas and that I was bleeding and that I was tired. The doctor was shouting at me, "you are a terrorist, you deserve this". The same day, the same night, they took me to interrogation and assaulted me sexually.

Board Member: Who is ‘they’ again?

Detainee: The interrogators and soldiers in Kandahar. The Marines.

Board Member: What year was this?

Detainee: 2001 (pp. 20264 – 20265).


Board Member: What date did you enter Afghanistan?

Detainee: I don't know.

Presiding Officer: Estimate.

Detainee: I lost my memory here in Cuba (p. 20268).


Detainee: […] Maybe sometimes I get angry. It's natural for somebody in my situation to sometimes get angry […] (p. 20269).