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Akhtiar Mohammed: Allegations of Abuse, ARB, 2006

Detainee (through translator): The only one question I have is the problem we have here in the detention area. Most of the people here are now nervous and should be treated like sick people. If you kindly tell the soldiers not to be harsh on them because they are not in good temper and I am afraid that some day that maybe they will kill us even, because they have lost their nerves. To them you should treat like sick people but the soldiers are very hard on them and if they make a mistake and say something wrong they punish them hard. Like he said, he brought an example if you want to talk to them then you choose the good one among them, a representative. Like if Zaeef, then that representative will talk to you and whatever the questions are he will answer them.

Presiding Officer: Why are people nervous, other detainees?

Detainee (through translator): Most of them are Arab people and I do not know what their philosophy is, but to me they seem like they are crazy now. They are finished, their minds don’t work. They are in the dangerous stages (p. 2823).