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Akhtar Mohammed - Allegations of Abuse

p. 1297

Q: When was the first time they [your captors] accused you of doing something wrong, and what did they say?

A: The first time I heard that was from my Personal Representative [chosen for this CSRT]. Over the past three years here [in Cuba] I have been asking my interrogator why I am here. They tell me they do not know too. The first time was when my Personal Representative told me. My PR told me I was Taliban […]

Q: It is very unusual for to hear that, until a short time ago, you didn't know why you were captured.

A: I am telling you. That's right. You can ask my interrogator. Since I was in Cuba I have been interrogated two or three times. I wouldn't be mad or upset if I knew my crime. I don't mind being in jail for a logical reason. All these interrogators did was ask about other people, not me.