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Adil Kamil Abdullah al Wadi: Allegations of Abuse

p. 800

Detainee: I never had any problems during my entire detention, except when it came to the Koran. The administration and the guards were disrespectful to the Koran. One of the Interrogators was disrespectful to the Koran and insulted it by stepping on it with his foot. Also, one of the guards not sure who it was, but we found a copy of the Koran with one of the pages that had an outline of a shoe on it. The problem that occurred between me and the administration or the guards, was that I tried to return to the Koran, I didn’t want this Koran in my cell. The Chaplain, he said his name was Yosef he said he was the one responsible for our religious affairs. I talked to him about taking the Koran from me, because I didn’t want that one. He told me he could not accept the Koran from me, they had an order from the General not to accept any Korans from anyone.


Detainee: […] it was like a military operation to bring the Koran into the cells by force. They were spraying bottles at us and we had to spray them with water, because they were spraying us. They turned off all the fans and closed the doors and they sprayed that spray so that we were being suffocated. After this happened they came into us and said, “You will take this Koran or I will give it to you by force.” So I refused. The guards came in and they hit me on my nose and

p. 801

they hit my mouth and they injured my leg, because I refused. After that they put the Koran in my cell and they left. They took all the furnishings as well; they didn’t leave me with anything but the bare floor. That was the problem I had regarding the Koran. And when it comes to problems with the guards […] Sometimes the guard may say something or his behavior, like a curse word and then I say something as well.


Detainee: […] I have been here for three, three and a half years in the prison and the psychological pressure and the emotional state because of what happened, the events that have happened may cause me not to be able to recall everything.


p. 804


Detainee: They [the guards] would say for example. Terrorists, you don't have any rights here. Sometimes they would tell us you are going to be here forever and your [sic] never going to leave. Sometimes they would tell us you are beasts you don't have any manners. Things like that, so we would respond with the appropriate responses to them.

p. 807


Presiding Officer: A couple more questions from me. In regards in what you mentioned about the guards. Did that all take place here or before you came to Guantanamo Bay?

Detainee: No. Here, in this prison and in the old prison.

Detainee: You are talking about the problems that happened?

Presiding Officer: Right. Which you described about the disrespect to the Koran the interrogators and apparently some of the guards were disrespectful, and that is what caused you to be disruptive.

Detainee: Yes, and I didn't cause any problems they are the ones that came in and hit me. I'm inside the cell I don't have the ability tom get out and do anything. So they are the ones that came in and hit me. Five or seven approximately came in.

Presiding Officer: Okay, I wrote down it was face and legs is where you were hit.

Detainee: Yes, I was bleeding from my mouth and my nose and my leg was injured. I asked for medical treatment and they didn’t treat me.

p. 808

Presiding Officer: Even for the bleeding?

Detainee: No.

Presiding Officer: Thank you. Do you remember when this happened, approximately, two years ago or more recently?

Detainee: It happened approximately in the year 2003, approximately a year and a half ago. I don't remember what month, but it was in the middle.