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Adil Hadi al-Jaza'iri Bin Hamlili: Allegations of Abuse

p. 21976

Assisting Military Officer: The Detainee stated that many of the detainees in the camps at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Khandahar [sic] are on the edge of mental illness brought on by abuses at the hands of the

p. 21977

guards and by the general conditions in which the detainees are held. He also said that many of the affected detainees will not talk about their abuse and that their deteriorating mental situation needs to be addressed by the United States. When asked if he would talk about any abuses that he had personally suffered the Detainee said that he personally had suffered no abuse.

Presiding Officer: I note for the record that the Detainee made no claims of personal abuse, just that he had viewed the abuse of others.

Detainee: I was threatened by the same methods the other detainees had but it wasn’t really administered on me personally.

p. 21984


Designated Military Officer:
[…] The Detainee stated that Abu Sulayman al-Jaza'iri was responsible for providing money to individuals and families in the Peshawar area in Pakistan, although he often relied on intermediaries, such as Abu Nasim and Muhammad Shah, to provide the money directly to families.

p. 21985

Detainee: That's impossible. I was forced to say this.


Presiding Officer: I want to make sure I understand your answers. I'm not saying yes or no. I just want to make sure we understand.

Detainee: Thank you, but some of the allegations I was really forced to answer.


Detainee: This kind of talk I was forced to say this. I was forced.


p. 21986

Detainee: Lies and I was forced to say this.


Detainee: It's all lies and I was forced to say so.


Detainee: During [the] investigation I was forced to say all this talk not here in Guantanamo Bay [but] in Bagram and Kabul. All lies.


Detainee: That's all lies again. I was force [sic] to say all of this when they were investigating me in Bagram and Kabul. It's under the psychological abuse and mental abuse I had to say all this and that is all lies.

p. 21987

Detainee: Lies, I never been asked about this before previously, but I was asked about this here in Guantanamo Bay and they forced me to say all of this. By force they [told]

p. 21988

me just admit that you met him [Khalid Sheikh Muhammad] in 1987, but the other day I really have no recollection of that.


Detainee: That's a lie. I never met him and I don't know him, but was forced to say so.

p. 21990

Detainee: I deny all the allegations that have been directed at me. I consider them to be additional [sic] and forced upon me by my interrogator, Paul. Who destroyed me [with ] the

p. 21991

excessive use of poisons, in drinks and especially nasal congestion medicine, which made my nose bleed.