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Abdul Rahman (ISN 357) - Allegations of Abuse

p. 3343

Before the Tribunal could begin, the detainee stated the following:

Detainee: Is it time for someone to loosen my handcuffs a little bit?

Tribunal President: We have spoken to the guards and the handcuffs are per the SOP, so they will remain as they are.

Detainee: It's OK to be tied up, but they are amazingly tight and making marks on my arm.

Tribunal President: Try moving them down your wrist a little bit, that would probably help.

Detainee: It hurts a lot.

At this time, the Tribunal President paused the Tribunal briefly to allow the guards to loosen the handcuffs for the Detainee.


p. 3347

I don’t believe Americans would do this to anyone. I have always heard that Americans don’t brutalize people. I’m amazed and shocked I’ve been put in this cage for three years, and no one has listened to us so far.