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Abdul Nasir - Allegations of Abuse

pp. 4002-4003

Q: “I understand that you were abused while at Bagram detention facility?”

A: I had to stay standing up for ten days, twenty-four hours a day. Sometimes because I am human and I get tired I might have done something and they handcuffed me and they tied me up there with my hands over my head […].

Q: This occurred in [the] Bagram detention facility?

A: Yes.

Q: The people who were doing this were Americans?

A: Yes, American.

Q: Where were you apprehended?

A: In Paktia, a province close to (Peshawar).

Q: Is that where this attack took place?

A: Yes, I was arrested in Paktia but I was abused in Bagram.

Q: But, you were studying in Peshawar, right?

A: Yes.

Q: So these people took you over the border?

A: Yes, they took me from Peshawar to Wana. Wana is close to the border. After Wana, these people came and they took me in the car.

Q: Regarding your physical abuse in Bagram, have you ever reported this before?

A: This is the first time I see you and I tell my story. I told the interrogators and they get upset with me. They called me a liar and I stayed quiet because they gave me a hard time.

Q: You told interrogators where? Here in Cuba or other locations?

A: I didn't say anything in Bagram because they knew in Bagram who had done it. Once when an interrogator came, [the] Bagram [incident] came up in our conversation and I told the story and the interrogator got upset with me and said that I lied to them. He told me that they would punish me since I was lying. He told me not to put that allegation on us (Americans).

Q: Was the interrogator here in Guantanamo?

A: Yes, across the street in the next building.